Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Short quilt break

 Yep, I still have two quilts to show, but while I was going through some pictures for another project I came across this picture of baby boy taken the day he moved to New York

This was taken as we were loading up to head to the airport in August 2010. Dropping him off that day was harder than leaving him on his first day of kindergarten.

This was taken just before we left to take him to the airport when he visited in November 2013.

Why does New York have to be so far away? 
He has a website now

Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilt #2

Here is quilt #2 out of the four. This one went to the middle kidlet (who sill soon be 30 - OUCH)

 I ordered this as a kit from Keepsake Quilting but I can't seem to find the pattern to tell you the name of it. 

Once again, I used a printed back and then used the same fabric for the binding and added a special little note for him.

It's getting cold around here again. Saturday and Sunday were great but another front is pushing through today/tonight. Some school districts have already cancelled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday - even though not a thing has fallen from the sky yet. Most of the ones I saw (scrolling along the bottom of the screen when I was watching tv earlier) are counties/districts north of us though I did see a few that are more to the south. Our particular district hasn't announced anything yet. Really doesn't matter to me, I don't have a dog in that fight, but hubby will have to go to work either way - may take him 2 hours to get there but he will have to go anyway. Don't worry too much about him driving in it - it's the idiots that think they can just drive normal and end up causing trouble for those who are trying to take it slow. I'll be here hanging out with Bertha, Olivia and a pot of hot coffee!

Stay warm and safe if you are in the 'danger zone'.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

4 quilts

I made 4 quilts last year but I couldn't post them because they were all gifts. I made one for each of the kidlets for Christmas. Better late than never though, so I'm starting with one and will make my way through the other three in future posts.

This is the one I made for the oldest. It is an enlarged pattern from a class I took at a local quilt shop a couple of years ago. (the class one was crib size, this is a large throw size) It is hanging on a 6' fence so you can kinda get an idea the size from that.

I started with some leftover fabrics from another project then picked up enough to finish the top. I liked the blue in the rail fence block and they still had some when I got ready to put the back on so I used it for the backing and binding.. Sewed a little label with a message and gave it a wash. I love how a quilt looks fresh from the dryer. I know some people don't like to wash quilts but I'm more about making quilts that we can actually use (meaning they have to be washable!) than those that are 'just for pretty' (though I do have an applique one in the stash that will be 'just for pretty' if I ever get it sewn)

Anyway, I hope he is using this to help keep him warm in this cold snap that has rolled in! I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things this morning in short sleeves and was fine when I went in, but when I came out the temp had dropped and it was misting. Seriously, I was not in there long, I think I had 4 or 5 items. Now I'm wearing a jacket inside and drinking coffee!

I'm off to see what else I can cross off my way-to-long needs-to-be-done list! 

Stay warm and safe!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Seems like I have been waiting forever to share this with you!
I bought this metal barn square at the Houston Quilt Festival way back in November but we couldn't hang it until we had approval from the HOA. Of course I didn't get my application in early enough for the November meeting but was told it would go to the December meeting - the meeting they did not have.

We finally got an approval letter from the HOA last week and hubby put it up for me over the weekend! It is right below my sewing room window.

It is 36"x36" and would have cost at least $50 to have it shipped if we had waited to get approval first so we took a chance - I would have found somewhere else to put it if I was denied (but not until after I put up a good fight!) Anyway, now I see it every time I leave the house and every time I come home. Almost makes up for my garden house and dinner plates being deemed not suitable. (I still have the secret mushroom society)

This link should take you to the company I bought it from. Very nice people to work with.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!
Hubby and I stayed home and listened to and watched all the fireworks around our neighborhood. We could see a lot just out the living room window while we stayed nice and warm inside.

Looks like baby boy and his bride celebrated in style! I'm so glad they have friends in NY and people to celebrate holidays with. I would much rather have them here with us, but I'm happy for them.

I hope 2014 is a great year for everyone!