Monday, May 16, 2016


 I am going to put the blog on pause for a bit. Things have been really busy around here.

 This was the house a week ago

 This is the house Thursday afternoon.

While painting was going on outside, this is what has been going on inside

I don't have pictures of the many, many boxes that have already been packed. As soon as we get a car load we have been taking them to storage - I know we have made at least 4 trips, maybe 5 and I'm working on another this morning just took a 'pause' to throw up this post then I'm back at it. The inside of my house is looking pretty sad. :(

We found out (after getting HOA approval and hiring painters) a couple of weeks ago that we are being relocated. Hopefully the new paint job will pay for it's self - the realtor wasn't thrilled with the yellow but we would have had to go back through the HOA process again to change it and the painters were already scheduled. I love the yellow - I think it's a happy color. While I'm not thrilled with the packing and moving and leaving this house behind after spending the last 7 years getting it to finally feel like home, I am extremely grateful that hubby still has a job. Not looking forward to house hunting but it beats job hunting. We are moving back closer to friends family so that is good - except for kidlet #1 who just moved to Houston in January, so we are just kind of flip flopping there. 

We should have the house listed in the next week to 10 days - moving furniture on Saturday when we have help from kidlet #1, we've helped him move multiple times so it's payback time. it needs to stop raining so we can work on the flower beds a bit but it is supposed to rain all week. Yuck.

Don't know how long the break will last, hopefully not long, but I will see you on the other side!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

On the outside

 My hydrangea is blooming! (not sure why this picture looks washed out)

The blooms are smaller this year 

but there are a lot of them!

It's much prettier on the outside right now than it is on the inside. Cant believe I am showing you what my sewing room looks like these days. Actually I took this one a couple of days ago - it is much worse today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New (old) window

The two smaller windows moved here with us 7 years ago. A few years ago I decided to hang them over the stairs (they were side by side) but I always thought they looked kinda lonely - that I needed another window to go along with them. (Sorry the picture is kinda dark - its hard to get a good picture of them from the floor and I was too lazy to go find the step ladder)  I've been looking ever since the first two went up but everything I found that was the right size was either oriented the wrong way or cost more than I was willing to pay, until a couple of weeks ago. I came across the center one at an antique mall, it was a reasonable price and  bonus - it was on sale! Hubby hung it for me a couple of weekends ago. I am still debating on whether to paint the exposed wood on the two smaller ones. The center one was already painted when I bought it,

Anywho - I haven't been stitching this week. I started a clean out of the closet in my sewing room. It is undoubtedly the worst closet in the house. I have some stuff I need to get rid of but I can't decide if I want to have a garage sale or not. Should have done it the weekend of the neighborhood garage sale and the next one isn't until fall. Not sure how well one would do if it is the only one in the neighborhood. Every time I have one I say it is going to be the last, then I find stuff that is too good to just throw away. If it was just a few small things I would just take it to Goodwill, but I've got a pretty good pile going in here. Guess I will see how much stuff  I have after I finish this closet and the one in the guest room - lots of holiday stuff in there along with a whole rack of clothes I can't wear. 

Just thinking out loud here.