Thursday, July 5, 2018

A day late

and a dollar short. 

Missed posting yesterday but I hope you had a fun 4th! 
We spent the day hanging around the house. 
I finished the stitching on this little cutie a couple of weeks ago but I didn't get it sewn up into a little pin pillow as I had planned. I'll get it done before next year and be ahead of the game!
We had a pretty good little rain late Tuesday afternoon and it was cloudy most of the day yesterday but it was nice in time for fireworks and there were plenty going off around us. We stood outside in the back yard and watched some of them. Could still hear some going off when we went to bed. 
Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my parents anniversary. 57 years!

Daddy had this quilt made for Mother for their 50th. I don't think I've ever shown a picture of it on here. Not the best picture but the quilt is beautiful - way beyond my beginner skills!

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! 
Love you!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day!

 I'm such a bad blogger. I always think I will get posts up and then I get busy and the day gets away from me.

It's hard to find recent photos of my dad but I have a couple of ones from when he was younger that I love, so I thought I would post this one. He's a great dad and an awesome papa!  He is always there to lend a hand when needed or give advice - even loans out tools on occasion. LOL. Maybe I will snap a pic next time I see him since I know he likes to have his picture taken! (NOT) Should have done that yesterday.

Speaking of great dads - this guy here, is a keeper. Nothing he wouldn't do for his boys. 

These are the men in my life.  
Love them all with all my heart!

Maybe I will be back before the end of the month - no promises.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Happy June!

I don't seem to get around here very often anymore. I have no excuse other than poor time management and crappy internet service. I still have my Titanic at Biltmore photos to show but I need to go through and pick out which ones to post (again - time management) but I wanted to say hello.

I changed out my stamp it the other day.

I finished the stitching on the September one - still need to add the little buttons and I think it needs a doorknob. I'll get that done and have it mounted in plenty of time for display in September. I still have 5 more to stitch. I have no idea why I started with February but I'm hoping to mix them in with other stitching and have them all ready for display on time this year.

I pulled an old freebie chart yesterday and got a bit of stitching on it (no photo). Should be able to finish it today then need to decide how to finish it off. Thinking about a small pillow finish. It's a patriotic piece and I think I have some fabric in my stash that will work.

We went to Houston last weekend to help the oldest move. (from a 3rd floor apt to a town home - puts him closer to work but I hope the next move he hires it out!)  I took my stitching with me but I didn't get much done. I used to stitch in the car all the time but it doesn't seem to work well for me anymore. By the time I find the hole we hit a bump. By the time we got back to the hotel at night I was too tired.

I did make a stop at 3 Stitches on the way. I picked up some threads needed to kit up a few projects and a couple of charts - that photo is still on my phone. 

Time to start my day.

Hope you are all having a great start to summer. It's already HOT here in Texas - bad part is that it will only get hotter until about October.

Friday, May 18, 2018

A busy spring! (picture heavy post)

Hey there! I've been neglecting my poor blog but I thought I would pop in this morning and say hello! I've had a busy, but fun, spring. I've posted about the stitching get-away and the awesome Bon Jovi concert but the fun didn't stop there. Two weeks ago I left on a girls trip to the Smokey Mountains. Sandra, Sarah and I (my usual travel buddies - neither has a blog) went to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN with a side trip to Ashville, NC. Over 2,000 miles in 6 days!
I took over 300 photos - which was not nearly enough, I keep thinking of places I didn't take any pictures. I'm posting some here and will post more later. These photos are straight from my phone with no editing. (who has time for that?)

 You just don't see a big bear in the back of a truck every day!

 The scenery was just beautiful.

 We spent one day in Ashville, NC,  visiting Biltmore and it was a pleasant surprise to find that they were having an exhibit of costumes from the movie 'Titanic' but I will show some of those photos later.

 Arriving at the front of Biltmore.

 Dining Hall

 View off the Loggia

 Ceiling in the library

 One of many beautiful fireplaces

 Mr. Vanderbilt's room

 Mrs. Vanderbilt's room

 Another beautiful fireplace

The flowers were beautiful!

It started raining as we were leaving and by the time we got right in front of the house it was pouring, so the only pictures I got of the front were out the window of the car as we were driving by.
I don't have all the photos on my computer yet so I still have more to show. (It's a big house people - they even have an indoor pool!)
I took a lot of pictures of the Titanic costumes too, but I think this is enough photos for one post - I'll share some of those later. 
It was an awesome trip - and we did hit up one needlework shop.

The weather there was wonderful (except for that one rain episode).

I think our 'spring' is over here in Texas. We are hitting 90+ daily now. It's going to be a long summer!

More later.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2018


I thought today would be the perfect day to show a little more of my anniversary weekend of fun. First, lets go back a few years.

If you know me, you know I'm a bit of a Bon Jovi fan. A little late to the game - in the eighties I was raising babies and watching Sesame Street. I'm trying to make up for lost time. :)

May 2011
 Houston Texas

 My first show was in Houston and we had seats in the nose bleed section. I don't have many pictures because I had just got my iPhone and really hadn't figured out the camera part. 

Last year was concert number two.

 Hubby took video of the whole opening song (This House Is Not For Sale). I just took a couple of photos of the screen but it is an awesome video. (you can probably find it on You Tube)
Seats were better than the first show, but still room for improvement. 

 February 2017
Dallas Texas

Last post, I told you about my fun stitching weekend. I made it home Sunday afternoon - did a little laundry, packed my bag again and left for Dallas Monday morning. Monday evening was concert number three!

This time we had great seats! The photos are a little washed out because of the lighting, (and I still haven't mastered that camera) but the view was awesome in person!


March 2018
Dallas Texas

It was a great show! Already looking forward to the next one - whenever that will be.
(I'm thinking floor seats?)

Today, the guys are being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wish the ceremony was being broadcast live, but it's not. (will be on HBO in a few weeks, but we don't have HBO) Hopefully some video will show up on You Tube.

Congratulations Bon Jovi!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Starting to catch up - slowly

Happy April! I'm sitting here drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. I know for some of you that would not seem strange but this is Texas. Usually once Easter is passed it's safe to bring out the flip-flops! (assuming you ever put them away in the first place!)

This is a picture heavy post so I will try to keep the words to a minimum.
Two weeks ago (March 23) hubby and I celebrated 39 years of  wedded bliss. We went to brunch and spent the day together before he took me to meet up with the girlfriends to go to our annual stitching retreat. The group is limited to 40 and there is always a waiting list in case someone drops out. We had a few first timers this year. (of course we left our deposits for next year!)

 We spread out and make ourselves at home for the weekend.

 We don't go hungry!

 While this was year #14 for the 3 of us, it was the 20th year for the retreat. One of our projects was this sampler that has a square to represent the theme from each of the 20 years. I had almost finished the first square when I figured out I had not started in the right place. I haven't restarted it yet. 

 I have almost finished the little sheep for the scissor keep.

 This goes on the top of a box.

 On the inside of the box, the first layer is a pocket. Under that layer is a padded space to store other stitching goodies.

 I had to take 3 pictures to get all the way around the pinkeep/drum.

 We all got special tumblers.

This is most of the stuff I came home with. The bag in the upper left corner contains all the charts, stitching fabric and finishing fabrics for all the projects. The floss in the front is the color palate we worked with. Everything this year was stitched with wool floss from The Gentle Art. I haven't had a lot of stitching time since I have been home but I'm enjoying stitching with the wool. (except for the fact that I think I may have a slight allergy to it - really gets my eyes itching and watering when I stitch with it)

Anywho. We made it back home mid-afternoon on Sunday. I had the afternoon to do laundry and repack so hubby and I could head out on another trip Monday morning. I'll tell you about that next time! Look for lots of pictures then too!