Friday, August 4, 2017


Well, hello there! It's been awhile since I've been here. What's been going on around here? It's been hot but it really could be hotter for this time of year in Texas. 

 I've been to Canton a couple of times and on one trip I bought these (unfinished) crosses. Finally got around to painting them. Glued them together, attached a paper flower and I've got it hanging on a shutter that is propped up by the fireplace for now.

 For my birthday, hubby took me to Waco to see The Silos.

 Birthday - had to get cupcakes!

 Got some pretty fabrics (thanks Terry!)

 Last weekend the girlfriends and I went to a quilt show in Huntsville. I managed to resist the fabrics but 3 Stitches had a booth there and I couldn't pass up this limited edition kit.

 Now I just need to stitch it and sew it up. That will be a tricky one - haven't touched my sewing machine since March.

I was coming home the other day and noticed how big these plants have gotten. They are bonus plants - it looked like an empty spot when we moved in so I planted some hostas there but you can't see them from the street side now. (I can see them looking out the side door, it's just out of sight on the left side of this picture)

Getting ready to start doing some painting. I think we are going to start with the kitchen but I'm a little undecided on the color. I'm torn between yellow and blue. I've had yellow kitchens in my last two houses and loved them. If I paint the walls yellow I will probably paint the bar area blue (it is currently stained and the rest of the cabinets are white with a glazed finish) I may paint some swatches on the wall this weekend so I can ponder on it.

Okay - got things to do. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!