Saturday, January 18, 2020

Yes, she can!

                                           I did it! I finished January! That completes the set.
                                                   I've only been working on it since 2004.

Got the tree down and this is now the view to the right of my stitching chair.

I have 'winter' in my tray in the kitchen. It looks like winter out there this morning but who knows what it will do from minute to minute it could be in the 30s one minute and 70s the next (I think we actually hit 80 one day last week) Texas weather - don't like it? Give it a minute - it'll change!

I have plenty to keep myself busy inside so it's all good.
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Can she do it?

I started this Lizzie Kate series way back in 2004 when it came out - it has taken me 16 years to finish it! LOL January is the last one of the monthly charts and I'm aiming to finish it before the end of the month! I know it looks small, but I'm a slow stitcher - plus I had to frog a bit due to not paying close enough attention to the chart. 

My goal for today is to loose this view. (from my stitching chair) I think this may be the latest my tree has ever been up. This is the last one to put away but it is also the largest and will probably take most, if not all, of the day. It's 9' tall so there is a lot of up and down on the step ladder. I still have a few things on the front porch I need to get put away today as well. We are expecting strong storms later today and tonight so I need to - don't want anything blowing away. (winds up to 60mph) The high temp today will be 75 - tomorrow it will be 40. 

That's it from here. Boring, but that's okay too!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year!

Do you stay up until midnight on New Years Eve? 

Most years I don't even try, but this year I thought I would at least give it a shot. I'm more than happy to put 2019 in the past. (I did and didn't make it - I dozed on and off but didn't actually go to bed until after midnight)

2019 was not the best year. There was a lot that went on - some of it I've shared here - some not.

It wasn't all bad though. 

Hubby and I celebrated 40 years in March but we took our 'anniversary trip' to New York in May. Baby boy has lived there for 10 years and this was our first trip. We did and saw a lot but there is more to see and I hope we don't have to wait another 10 years to go again. 

In August, my sister and I went to Las Vegas for a few days. We went to see Donny and Marie before they closed their Las Vegas show. It was a fun trip and again, lots more to see than we could fit into a few days. I would go again - but not sure I would go in August again!

 November brought us a wedding!

These guys here, they are my everything. I don't get them all together at the same time very often but when I do, I'm a happy girl.

We clean up pretty good!

Brittany has been part of our family for a couple of years but it's 'official' now. I've never seen Brian as happy as he has been since he met Brittany and that makes this momma very happy.

Baby boy made two unplanned trips to Texas this year. While both trips were not for fun, we did enjoy having him here and he was a lot of help while he was here. He finished staining the fence for us when he was here in December. 

We rewarded him for a job well done with a shaved ice treat. 

Between our trip to NYC and his trips to Texas, we saw more of him in 2019 than we have since he moved to NYC.

I hope 2020 proves to have more of the good/fun stuff. We don't have any big plans for this year - calm and uneventful would be just fine. Spending as much time as possible with family and friends - that's all we really need.

Here's to a blessed 2020!

Monday, December 30, 2019

Our House at Christmas

Hubby and middle kidlet got busy over Thanksgiving to get the outside of the house ready for Christmas. Just their little tradition.

The garland/lighting around the arch is new this year as is the snowflake over the arch. You can't really tell what it is in this photo but it is a snowflake. Just looks like a white blob in the photo. I don't know how many tips it has on it but it came in a small box and every last one of them had to be pulled out and shaped! It will get hung somewhere for storage - not folding it up to store!

From across the street. These were taken before we wrapped the poles with red ribbon - it was temporarily misplaced.

Kidlet had to head home on Friday but will come back in a week or so to help take it all down.

That's it for Christmas decor here this year. Not sure how long I will leave it up (inside) - I guess until the mood strikes me to take it down. Outside will come down when the kidlet returns. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

More Christmas Photos

I only  have two new ornaments on the tree this year

One is from our trip to New York - it was a little hard to photograph but it's from The Empire State Building.

This is the only stitched ornament I have for this year.

It was close - I was the first one up on Christmas morning and I sewed the bells on while I was having coffee, so it was actually hanging on the tree on Christmas Day. The pattern is from Little House Needleworks but mine has some 'modifications'. For some reason I had a hard time counting on this piece so I did a lot of frogging. I think the snow people and the heart are the only things that are as charted, the rest, I just winged it. Since this is our 40th Christmas I added our names and dates. The fabric is what I backed it with. (and yes, I'm aware my loop and bells are a little off center - I can live with it)

Our Christmas was a little different this year. 
I saw this on Facebook and had to make one.
Just a little nod to those who are no longer with us.

Your have seen this white cabinet many times since it's my favorite place to decorate for holidays.

It's basically the same as it was last year. 

Christmas Eve I ended up having to make a drug store run and Marshall's is two doors down so I popped in to see what I could find. I thought this sign would fit on the front side of my tray but it was too big so I stuck it on the back side.

Also found this little ornament.

My Rae Dunn collection is relatively small, but this is the piece I have been looking for. 
When we were coming back from Charleston in May, we took breaks every time we were close to a Home Goods so I could look for a coffee canister. Daddy really doesn't get it but he indulged. 
This was my Christmas gift from Daddy! I was shocked to say the least! 
Thanks Daddy.
Love you!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!

This little guy showed up at our house Friday evening. He made his rounds, then left with Brian and Brittany on Sunday.

We bought a new tree this year. The one we had was just too big for this room. This one is still a nine-footer but it is not as big around.

It fits in here much better.
Brian and Brittany took the bigger one - they have a good place for it.

We are having our second round of Christmas tomorrow. Kind of a small group this time. Just me, hubby, Timothy, daddy and my brother (he will stop by for lunch - he is actually working tomorrow). We are going to have lots of leftovers!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 20, 2019

A few more trees around the house

This tree does have lights on it - bad lighting I guess. I know they were on when I took the pic (they are plugged in to the same outlet as the garland to the right) I don't remember where I picked up the little Santa but I know I had it when we moved to Houston (2009) so he's been around for awhile.

 I put the boys ornaments on this tree this year and stuck my Bon Jovi hat on top. 

This tree has had the fireman ornaments on it for the last several years. I did buy a new basket to put it in this year.

This is the same little 'feather' tree I always put in the guest room. I love those little glass ornaments.

The white feather tree is again in my sewing room. (it stays in there year round)

And the metal tree is again in the master bedroom.

The only tree left to show is the main tree in the living room - stay tuned!