Monday, August 24, 2015

Looking out my back door

Back in the spring we had a storage shed built to house the lawn equipment and bicycles. It is not as close to the house as it looks - I actually took the picture from the edge of the patio since the patio is a mess and I didn't want to show it! Hubby is trying to make room in the garage for a juke box. At one time it was in the grocery store his parents owned then it was moved to their house. It has been in storage since his mother moved in with his sister but now it is time to move it here. It currently does not work but we are going to see about getting it fixed. Anyway, now instead of seeing an empty yard, we now have this cutie to see when we look outside. I still have to hang a few things on the front - I have the house numbers from our last house (we removed them and put up a plaque - have no idea why we saved the numbers but found them in a box) I'm going to paint them black and put them over the doors and I want to get some barn quilts to hang over each window. I will be waiting to get those at the International Quilt Festival in October so I won't have to pay shipping - just need to decide which ones I want.
This week is proving to be a busy one for me, hope you have a nice calm week ahead of you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Picmonkey is not playing nice today so I am repeating a picture from last fall - the last time our little family was all together. I hate myself in pictures but it is good of the rest of the family. :)

It happens so seldom, but they are always on my mind and heart.
Love you all.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Option A

This is what happens when you don't finish your work in a timely fashion.

You run out of thread. I'm not sure how long this has been kitted up, but as you can see it was a little too long. The thread I was using is discontinued.

After an extensive search, I thought I had something close enough. When you just hold it up to the already stitched part it looks like a pretty good match but when I actually stitched it, not so much. The difference is more noticeable in person than in these photos. So, option A is keep stitching with the not-quite-right thread or option B is taking it all out and starting over with something I can get now. 

In other news, it is just too hot to do much around here. My little weather text this morning says 'record breaking heat'. Ugh. Hope you are all indoors with the a/c cranked up!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Overdue thank-yous

I haven't made the time to sit down and post a thank-you for a couple of birthday gifts.
My sweet friend, Terry, sent me this little salt and pepper shaker set
Aren't they cute?
I thought they could keep my one birdie company from the set I already had. Sadly, his mate got broken. I'm happy he has a new friend! And I'm really grateful to have Terry as a friend!
My friend, Sarah, gave me this oversize pin cushion. It is 8 inches square and the numbers are big enough even I can see them! Should come in real handy next to Bertha. (my sewing machine)

I've been trying to wear contacts - I only started wearing glasses full-time a couple of years ago, but I've had bifocals for a long time. I could get by fine to read but needed them to stitch. When it got to the point I had to have them to see to cook I gave in and just started wearing them all the time. I never thought I could get contacts in and never tried them. For some unknown reason, last week I decided I was going to get contacts instead of glasses this year. Well, I've mastered the art of getting them in and out but we can't find the right combo to make them work for me. If my near vision is clear, everything else is fuzzy - don't try driving like that. If my far vision is clear, I need readers to read, in which case I might as well not be wearing them at all.The doctor said there was one more type we could try but she was out of them so I'll try those next week when they come in, If that doesn't work I will just have to get new glasses. I was looking forward to wearing cute sunglasses again. :( 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. My plan is to stay indoors as much as possible - it's a bit warm for my taste. (100+ the last 3 days)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

8 years ago. . . operator error, part two

This is the other post that was supposed to auto-post, it was supposed to post yesterday. I really need to get myself together and spend some time learning my way around again, This now and then thing isn't getting me familiar enough with blogger to do anything!

I posted this post - my very first post. I didn't really know if anyone would find me or not. I didn't set out to become a mega-blogger and never really thought anyone would find me. My followers are few, but each one is special to me.
I know my posts have been few and far between but my life has changed so much in the past 5 years. I've made friends - some stuck with me through the rough times and are extra special to me - you know who you are.
I've met a few of you in person through the years and that was fun. I'm so thankful that I started this blog and that I didn't give it up. So many things are documented in this little blog. A post may seem boring to you but I am so glad to have them.
Those of you who have been around know I hate to make a post without a picture so here is one from a few weeks ago when my Hydrangea was in bloom. I decided to stop fighting it and let it be pink!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!

Using what you have - pt. 2 - operator error

Okay - clearly I have not spent enough time on the blog lately as I can't seem to navigate my way around to find anything. I tried to set up a couple of posts to post while I was out of town for a few days and not only did it not work, but I had a devil of a time finding my way back to the drafts to post them now that I am home - so, this was supposed to post on Monday. 

So, last week I showed you this trim piece and that I had 4 of them. I was planning to use them inside but then decided they were too much after we painted the kitchen. They have only been sitting out in the garage for like 5 years. I would have liked to put them outside but I didn't want to have to deal with the HOA 

So, I glued the four of them together and painted it white and hung it on the fence in the back yard! Got something out of the garage and added a piece of decor to the back yard. I would say that's a 2-fer.
Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Using what you have

Way back when - I found four of these in a thrift shop, all still in the plastic. I had some on my front porch so I knew they were about half of retail. I knew they wouldn't pass the HOA to go on my front porch here but I thought I could use them somewhere - I was thinking kitchen but after we painted and put the railing on the top of the cabinets I thought they might be a tad too much. This house has an open floor plan and several arched openings so there really isn't anywhere to use them so they have been sitting in the garage for at least 5 years. I finally came up with something to do with them. come back next week and I will show you what I did. :)

Have a safe and happy weekend.