Tuesday, November 25, 2014

keeping up

doesn't seem to be in my vocabulary. Santa came early and this

might be keeping me a little distracted' I would love to show you photos but I'm just hoping I don't get tn trouble for posting the cover! Get yours at www.bonjovi.com. Once you open the pages you won't put able to put it down.

Thought I would show a little of my fall decor before it starts being replaced with Christmas stuff tomorrow. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving but I don't want to stress myself out any more than happens naturally.

Not a lot of stuff for fall but I did put out a little.

still love my white cabinet!

like I said, just few little touches. 

Got a new (bigger) Christmas tree this year so I'll see how long it takes to do this one.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

precious few moments

These days, there are precious few moments when we are all together at the same time and place so I couldn't let it pass without a photo. I missed the opportunity to get just the 'kids' so you get me in this one (something I usually try to avoid) but I'm posting it anyway.

I've been doing a little stitching and have finished a few felt ornaments - will try to show those soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And life goes on

It has been a long week and there are still many details to take care of but life does go on. In the past week, as Grammy passed on, there was one new great-grandchild born and one new great-great grandchild.

And today is Brian's birthday. I know it is late in the day but I didn't want to let it get by without sending a happy birthday! 
I still have pictures that I haven't downloaded yet along with some other people took while we had family together and I am waiting on those to be sent.
Anyway - Happy Birthday Brian. I know it isn't what you were hoping for but sometimes life just gets in the way when we think we have it all figured out. 
Love you with all my heart.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The only thing hubby wanted for his birthday this year was to spend it with his mother. She has been in a nursing home 4 hours away for the past month but he took the day off and made the drive up to see her.

This is a picture of them on his birthday last week.
She passed away early yesterday morning. It is always somewhat of a shock even when you know it is coming, but she is no longer in pain and his parents are reunited in Heaven. I know he takes comfort in that knowledge.
They raised him up to be a fine man and a wonderful husband and father, and for that, I am grateful.

Friday, September 19, 2014


and happy Friday to ya!
Finished up this little wall hanging just in time to put it on the front door for a couple of weeks before I put up the fall one.
It's been raining here for a couple of days. Yesterday it was pretty much all day and it is still raining. Rain gauge marks 5 inches but probably actually holds at least another inch and it was over-flowing before lunch yesterday. The grass is so high Nicholas just about gets lost when he goes out! I guess I should set out a bucket and catch some water for the plants on the porch - they are looking pretty parched.
Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy birthday!

Just had to say Happy Birthday to my favorite guy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christmas in July

yes, I know it is already August but I did get this in July. Hubby came in from work and ask me if I had ordered anything. Nope, but this box was on the front porch. It was a birthday gift. I was scared to open it - there wasn't much left to open!

But look - everything arrived in tact despite the obvious beating the box took from the post office! My friend Sherry sent this box full of goodies. I apologize for the glare on the glass but I just couldn't find a good place to take a picture - either it came out too dark or I had to have the lights on and they left a glare. The little tin is hand painted - I'll try to get a close up of it soon. That Bareroots project book is awesome and will be seeing some action soon!

I have no idea what the name of the sampler is (or the designer) but if you are interested, email me and I'll ask sherry. 
I failed to get this in the photo with the other stuff (it was by my chair) but Sherry sent me a new study Bible. I am so happy to have it. The color shows up brown in the picture but it is more of a maroon color.

I can't tell you what fun I had pulling things out of that box. First because, well, who doesn't love unexpected gifts and second, I was so happy everything survived with no damage! Even the sampler with the glass on it was in perfect shape! I'll try to get a picture soon of where I decided to hang it. 

Sherry knows me so well, each and every thing in the box was perfect!

Now I'm off to see if I can actually get far enough along on something to share a project!