Thursday, July 2, 2020

Weekend Round-up

 Hello! Is it hot enough for ya?
 It's plenty hot in Texas!

Last Thursday we were supposed to go to a Bon Jovi concert. 
Of course that didn't happen. 

Instead, we went to Hot Springs with friends for a long weekend.

This was the view off the deck of our condo. 

These pictures were taken at Garvan Woodland Gardens

This chapel is right in the middle of the gardens. 

It was closed because of Covid, but we took pictures through the windows.

Is this not a beautiful place for a wedding?

As we were leaving, this guy was just wandering around.

Couldn't get him to show his feathers, (and we tried for quite some time!) but I'm sure it is a beautiful sight.

This has been on hubby's bucket list for awhile. 
He was having a blast.

This was never on my bucket list. 
There were 10 lines - I was counting down and ready for a drink!

The guys were responsible for our dinner Friday night. 
These two have been friends since elementary school!
(dinner was very good!)

My brother happened to also be in Hot Springs on Saturday and met up with us for dinner. 
Thankfully it was cool enough to eat outside (and right on the lake!)

It was really good to get away for a few days. We never turned on the television and except for social distancing and having to mask up a couple of times, we pretended all was right with the world. It was for us, for a few days anyway.

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the two most important dads in my life.

We don't get many pictures of my dad. This was taken at Brian's wedding back in November.

Another picture from the wedding. My kiddos with their dad. This man loves these young men with everything he has.

I hope these men know how important they are in the lives of their children.

We wouldn't know what to do without either of you.

Much love to you both!

(yes, we just got the last of the pictures from the wedding!)

Thursday, June 11, 2020

A finish!

I finished this little cutie over the weekend. I'm loving it!
Jeans and Weenies by Plum Street Samplers
36 ct Bisque linen, one over two.
I did swap a couple of colors - my Used Brick was too 'rusty' so I used Cupid (old enough that it says Crescent Colorworks instead of Classic Colorworks!) and I used Chalk (GAST) instead of the called for Wasabi. I did go back and add another top cross on the eagles head so it would show up better. Some of the places where it called for black, I used Pea Coat (words and stars)
I don't yet know exactly how I will finish it off but I need something where I can swap them out since I have more seasons to stitch!

We had a really good weather day here yesterday. The temps and humidity were both down - it was so nice! I wish it could be like that all summer but both are heading back up again today. I hate Texas summers! 

What are you stitching this summer?

Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Little This, A Little That

Good morning!

How have you been spending your time?

Things are opening back up around here but I still haven't been much of anywhere other than grocery shopping.

I've managed to start and finish two little stitches.

On the left is 4th of July Bird by Heart in Hand (I left off the bottom part so I could use it all summer) and on the right is Happy Happy Flag Day by the Trilogy. I still need to sew the buttons on both. Not sure how (or when) I will finish them off.

We did a little re-arranging on the front porch.

Moved the little garden house from the side to the front.

So we could hang a swing on the side! 
Don't you just love porch swings? I do!

Stay safe out there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Long-term Project!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day - those of you who are mothers and those who are lucky enough to still have your mothers with you.
We spent the day at home but I did get to talk to all my kiddos. I went and took new flowers out to mom on Friday.

I think I have one or two WIPs that are older than this one but I'm not sure if they will ever get finished (I need to dig them out and see how much I have done on them) Anyway - here is my 15 year project.

French Alphabet Sampler
Custom chart by Blessings Counted

I started this project on 11/11/2005
I worked on it in spurts here and there. This is where I was when I pulled it back out on 3/17/2020.
I worked on it exclusively until I finished it on 5/7/2020

I stitched it on 36 count Antique Cotton linen by R&R Reproductions
I used one strand of Gloriana silk floss over 2 threads. (on my computer, this photo is the closest to the actual color of the fabric)
I purchased 8 skeins and the photo above shows how much I had leftover. I might have done a little frogging and it might have some creative stitching here and there but it is finished!

Not the best picture, but here is the finished project! It is 23" square. Not sure when I will get the chance to get to the frame shop to pick out a frame and I have to figure out where I am going to hang it.
Happy to mark this one off the list!

Have an awesome week!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Getting the flower beds in shape!

We worked on the flower beds this weekend!

The window on the left is my sewing room

This is the tree we planted after we moved in (It's right in front of my sewing room)
I'm debating if I want to add flowers.

Nothing drastic. Just cleaned them out and added new mulch

32 bags of mulch! 
Took 3 trips to Home Depot to get the mulch.
(yep - grass isn't doing well on this side)

I'm searching the internet for a swing to go in this corner. Just gotta pick one.

My hydrangeas are looking good


The first little bloom!

I have never had dwarf morning glories before - we will see how these work out. 

Elephant ears started coming up a couple of weeks ago and hostas popped through last week. 
Can't decide what to do with this corner. The elephant ears overpower the hostas. I did not plant the elephant ears. There was nothing in this corner so I planted the hostas - no idea where the elephant ears came from!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Well that stinks

This showed up in my email box Monday. I'm bummed. Not postponed - cancelled. Hopefully they will reschedule at a later date but I was sure looking forward to the show.

I decided I needed to drown my sorrows yesterday and made a strawberry cream cheese cobbler

This is not my recipe - I found it on Facebook 

It was easy enough to make and it was yummy. Would have been better with a big ole scoop of Blue Bell on top but that didn't stop me from eating it! 

Nothing much to report from here. Still working on my French Alphabet Sampler. Lots of mistakes I've had to take out - and some I'm working around. I'll post an update soon.

Hang in there. It's gotta get better sooner or later!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

One Very Long Year

It's hard to believe it's been a year.

One year ago today, mom quietly slipped into a better place. 

We had no idea how hard the following 12 months would be.

So grateful you are no longer in pain.

Miss you every day.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

Woke up to a tornado warning this morning

As in I was sound asleep when the alarm went off

You can't sleep through one of those

The rain has stopped for now

We have some sticks in the yard

and we won't have to water the yard today

The sun is trying to poke out 

and it looks like the rain is gone for awhile

We have no plans for the day

I'll stitch some

and we might watch a movie - if we can find one to agree on.

Hope you all have a blessed day.