Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy October!

Thought I would share a few little Halloween stitches I have around the house.

I don't have a lot of  just Halloween

I tend to stick more to just fall so I can leave them out longer

Most of them I've had for awhile but this one is new this year

I've added a few orange lights

This one has been around awhile! Since 1997!

and the only other newbie for this year.

More fall pictures to come and I still haven't posted pictures of my living room after we finished painting and getting everything back on the walls.

Our weather isn't exactly 'fallish' yet, but it is getting there!


Robin in Virginia said...

Love the new monthly stitches, Tina! Where did you get your orange lights? They add a nice warm touch.

Terry said...

Love it all. The lights do make it so cozy!

Mary in AR said...

All so very cute! Is A Spooky Night from Shepherd's Bush? Thanks for sharing your bootiful decor!
Mary in AR

Sherry said...

Great Halloween stitches! I don't have any Halloween pieces. I do one Christmas piece a year though.