Monday, March 17, 2008

Come on spring!

This is my wisteria bush that I can see out my kitchen window. Mr. Wonderful doesn't like it much and I have to constantly tell him that I will trim it up - I'm not letting him near it with the trimmer! I know it doesn't look like much now, but in about 10 days or so, it will be covered in purple blooms then the leaves will come in and it will be pretty all summer. This one usually has a few blooms here and there all summer. I will trim it up after the first blooms fall off. It does tend to reach for the low hanging tree branches if I don't trim it often.

Of course that depends the winds tonight - they could blow all the buds off. We are under tornado and flash flood warnings. I've already had to put the window down in this room because the wind was blowing my stuff everywhere!
At least I don't have to worry about it blowing me away - I'm pretty much weighted down!


stitcherw said...

It looks more like spring where you are than here, your grass is a lovely green color. Everything here is still the same dead grey icky end of winter color. I'll look forward to seeing a picture of your wisteria bush when it blooms, I'll bet it is lovely. I have a small lilac that looks awful (all twiggy) right now too, but give it a bit and it will smell and look wonderful.

Rue said...

I didn't know the weather was that bad there yesterday! I hope everything turned out alright.

I hope you post a pic of that wisteria bush in blooom. I just love them :)


Michelle said...

Please share a picture of your wisteria when blooming!


Margo said...

Can't wait to see it in a few weeks. We didn't get much weather yesterday, did you?

Anonymous said...

OK I have a story. I have a weeping
cherry my DH come in the house one day grinning so proudly guess what
trimmed it all the way to the trunk,yes no branches. I thought I was going to the ER or he was one.
Trust me it won't happen again.
Cathy fromKY

Anonymous said...

I just love wisteria.... mine are loaded with buds...they are graby aren't they.
We must have been on the edge of the storms. We got a lot of rain

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments!

I LOVE Wisteria! And oh, I can just picture this beauty in all its glory in summer!! I cant wait for spring. We still have icky snow here and it is freezing!

Hope you have a blessed Easter!