Sunday, August 3, 2008

More birthday goodies

This is the last of the birthday goodies. Thursday was stitch night and Sandra and Sarah gave me my b'day giftie - they told me the week before that it was on order but hadn't arrived yet - check out my newest scissors!

I picked up the flower frog at Pandora's the same day I got the 'beer bucket'. It was dirty and someone had put gold paint all around the edges (the frog, not the bucket) but a good soak in bleach water and it came out all clean and now I have another place to display scissors. Life is good.

Now for the after shots of the 'beer bucket' (as it will forever be known in this house, I'm sure) Remember what it looked like before?

I painted it white and distressed it a little. Then I made a liner for the inside. I took out the little 'shelf' that was in it to make it easier to paint then decided I liked it better without (easier access). I added magnets to the top for needles and pins or scissors.

Yes, this means I was keeping time with the beast but we are getting along better these days. Still a slow, learning process for me but I'm enjoying it more. The liner came out a little big, but at this point I'm not going to try to fix it. I also made the pincushion to match.

Here is the Red Thread project as of the end of July. I haven't put in a stitch since on it July 30 - maybe I'll get a few in today. I was hoping to be caught up and ready to start the August square by the first, but oh well.
Many things to do today so better get busy.
Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

I love what you did with your "beer bucket"! It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tina, what a wonderful sewing basket that will be! And not like the usual ones that you have to set on the floor and have to reach down to get things out of. Sit it right next to that favorite chair and proceed to stitch, my dear! It's beautiful!

annemarie said...

I love your sewing bucket - you did a great job - and the matching pincushion is perfect!

The Durham Family said...

Love the "beer bucket"! You are very creative!

Jennifer said...

Your basket looks awesome! Great job!!!

Melissa said...

The "beer bucket" is wonderful. You did a great job refinishing it and the lining is great!

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

The beer bucket looks great! I would have never thought to use the flower frog for scissors. Great idea!!

Esther Sunday said...

OMG!!! The bucket looks fab!

Love, Esther

Margo said...

The beer bucket turned out great, and I love how you are using the flower frog. I would have never thought of that. Really girl, how many scissors do you need? No don't answer that.