Friday, November 21, 2008

Texas weather

They say if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a few minutes - it will change. Yesterday we were up in the seventies - perfect if you ask me - unless you are shopping for a new coat - it is really hard to try on coats when it is that warm! (and then there is of course the one particular store where you needed shorts and flip flops! Have no idea how freaking hot it was in there.) So, anyway - we are up to a whopping forty degrees now. I'm not sure exactly how low it went overnight but the first time I looked this morning it was 34. We might make it up to fifty and it is supposed to freeze tonight. (I think the plan to work in the flowerbeds tomorrow just went out the window!) We are supposed to get rain in a few days too. Then of course, when Christmas gets here, we could be wearing shorts again.
So, who would think you could grow these in east Texas?

Someone brought these to me earlier this week. She picked them right off the tree, right here in east Texas. Hope they get them all off the tree before tonight - I don't know how well lemons do when the temp falls below freezing.
Off to do errands - which include mailing off my last ornament exchange - I made it with a couple of days to spare. I might have had a whole week to spare if not for the do-over caused by my inability to count!
Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes for Jason!


Nola said...

Same here; 34 was our reported low. Yesterday shorts, today coats, "nowhar else but Texas, Ya'll!"
Have a great weekend.

Brenda Pruitt said...

It seems I've either got the air conditioning on or the heater. I may start out the day in pants and then I switch to shorts. I don't like being hot. I always get hot in stores, no matter the temperature outside. So I don't wear coats inside. In fact, I don't wear coats. Don't need them much around here. Took them to the Salvation Army. I want a lemon tree!