Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ornament exchange

This year I was in an ornament exchange with 6 other ladies. We stitched and exchanged one ornament every other month and last week I got my final ornament from this exchange.

Isn't it cute?

Here is a picture of all the ornaments I received throughout the year. They are now all happily hanging on my Christmas tree. (pictures will come - sooner or later) I really enjoyed this exchange. One ornament every other month doesn't sound so hard, but I still stressed about it each time it was time to start another one. I don't know why - I mailed each one on time. I haven't decided if I am going to do any exchanges in 2009. I really want to spend some time getting to know Big Bertha better so we will see.
Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Well, I'm having one of those weeks. I hate feeling rushed and that has happened every morning this week - so I really should be getting ready for work rather than making a blog post but I haven't made many posts lately and I really want to post more than once a week - so here I sit, typing away.
Tonight is stitch night. We missed the last two weeks so I am looking forward to it - except that it is my turn to cook. I'm taking the easy way out and putting soup in the crock-pot and I'll stick some cookies in the oven while I'm home for lunch so we will have dessert. (notice I didn't say I would be making cookies - the dough boy has them all ready for me to pop in the oven!)


Bo said...

Hi did end up with a nice ornament collection, but I can understand your feeling pressured...This sounds silly, but many, many years ago I was on a bowling team and I got to where I hated Mondays because I knew I HAD to go took all the fun out of it for me...phooey!
Hope your week goes better. ;-) Bo

Vonna said...

I have days like that too...I hope things are looking up now!
LOVE your ornament you received and I certainly think all of them are gorgeous lying there in a pile! Congrats!

staci said...

Love all of your ornaments~~they'll look gorgeous on your tree!

Hang in there :) I think it's that time of year when there's so much to do and seems like there are fewer hours in the day.

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

Those are really cute and a wonderful idea!

Happy belated Birthday to your sweet boy :)

I hope you had a great thanksgiving.

Linda said...

All the ornaments are darling! Hope you had a great stitching night and are having a nice weekend..hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Very nice ornament collection. You have some stitched ornaments for your tree.

Nice idea for exchange. Not sure that I would have the time to devote like you do. Getting acquainted with Bertha probably means more quilts. Yea!!!

We all have those kinds of weeks. It is just part of life. I know your stitch group will have fun.