Friday, April 1, 2011

I can't catch up!

Well, I have unpacked my suitcase but I still haven't unpacked my stitching stuff so I can't yet show pictures of that. I can show you what I put in my exchange gift for the retreat. (we do a 'blind' gift exchange so you don't know what you will end up with! lots of fun!)

I made a needlebook and pillowcase

The pillowcase is folded - it really does fit a regular size pillow. I always take my pillow with me when I travel and when I found this fabric I got enough to make two pillowcases - one for me and one for my gift box. (mine has pink fabric where the blue is on this one)

I also fixed up a stitching box to match

Inside with magnet on inside of lid

and filled it with a few goodies. Then I put it all in the 'book' it is leaning against. I need to go back and get one of those 'books' for myself to put some of the stuff I keep around my stitching chair in when I'm not using it.

Maybe my next week I will have unpacked the rest of my stuff and can show you what I got in the gift exchange, what I bought (actually, not much) and the projects we got to work on.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love your fabric! Nice gift! Catching up is not even in my vocabulary. :)Terry

Mouse said...

oooo very nice ... love the tin , the book ,the needle book etc etc etc ... can't wait to see what you got ,,, hurry up and unpack heheheh love mouse xxxx

Linda said...

That fabric is too cute! I love the needle book and sweet dreams pillow case... the stiching box with all the goodies is adorable...hugs, Linda

All Things Beautiful said...

Everything looks good. Who was the lucky receiver? The 'book' looks really interesting & inspiring... maybe we can challenge ourselves to make one??? :-)