Monday, August 29, 2011

Tied at 109

Saturday our temp hit 109 to tie the record - not the record for the day, the all time record! Sunday we only got to 107. Still breaking daily records but we are supposed to gradually make it down to under 100 by the end of the week and hopefully that will be all of the 100+ temps!

Obviously I didn't do a lot of outside activity this weekend! I did get some pictures back on the walls.

Wanna take a tour through the r/w/b guest room?

This is a before picture

I had a really hard time deciding on a color. All these paint chips were taped to the wall for weeks. There were a few more that I discarded before making my final decision. I guess my biggest problem is that this 'room' was pure white painted paneling in the other house. I really miss the bead board paneling! I had a hard time picturing the room not painted white.

This is what I decided on. Faded Burlap. The Sailcloth is what I used inside the closet (I'm using it in all the closets as I get to them) It is hard to really see the difference in pictures but it is quite a bit darker than what was in there before (and way darker than the previous white!) At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it but after a few days I'm getting used to it. It is kinda cozy in there. Wish I had room for a small chair.

From the door - the wall on the left will have a quilt hanging there (the one that is folded at the foot of the bed) The one on the chest in front of the old gate (from our first house) is the one that was hanging there. It is an old quilt and it is fairly heavy. It isn't in great shape and I decided it had been hanging way too long and needed to come down. The bed belonged to my grandparents.
The picture above the gate is hubby's grandmother's high school diploma (from 1913) It is in the frame we found it in - I just cleaned it up and put acid free foam board behind it.

I'm undecided about the cabinet in the corner. As sure as I get rid of it I will need it for something. If I decide to keep it, I might paint it.

The dress is red velvet. It was made by my great-grandmother. (for me, my second Christmas)

The smoking table on the right side of the bed belonged to hubby's grandfather.

Wish the dresser had some really great history behind it, but I bought it at a consignment shop a few years ago. (We didn't paint the ceiling so you can kinda see the difference in color in this picture though the lighting makes it seem more yellow than it really is. Think coffee with cream)

We now have one room and a few closets left to paint. (plus the kitchen cabinets but I'm undecided if I am going to try doing those myself or hire someone) Here are the paint samples I carry in my purse (which is why they are kinda beat up) - the colors we have used in the house so far.

The other guest room is on the schedule to be painted this coming weekend and it will be painted Dockside Haze (the same color as the master bedroom) My plan is to paint one of the beds too but they are saying we have the best chance for rain that we have had in a long time so if it rains, I will get the room painted and paint the bed later.

Now I suppose I should go move some laundry. The fun never ends! :)


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I love that color! The room looks great!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I love your paint color in the bedroom...and the dress all in the shadow box ... what a great idea!

Cindy said...

you are really making progress...i love all your colors :D....