Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas 2011

I'm finishing up the 2011 Christmas tour inside the house. I still have some outside pictures to post later, but I'm going to attempt to link to a party or two and I'm not sure when some of them close so I thought I better get on the ball.

In the last post I showed the dining room but the lights (on the trees) weren't on so here is a pic with those on.

Now we can move on to the laundry room.

It is small, but I added a few touches - a Santa

Some ornaments in a bowl (love milk glass bowls!)

A little wooden tree and a 'Believe' sign.

Not a lot in the master bedroom

A little wreath on a mirror

My little wire tree

and a little light on the nightstand.

Wanna see the kitchen?

this little cabinet has some of my gingerbread 'stuffs' on it.

Oops - pictures got out of order - this is the breakfast room, looking back towards the stairs.

This is what I see standing at my kitchen sink

My little 'sweet tree'

Back to the breakfast room

the 'snowman' table. I used to have a snowman tree (at the old house) but I haven't used those ornaments since we moved here, this year I put some of them in my glass jars. (I have some close-ups - I may post those later)

The 'window' table

On the coffee table I just stuck some picks in my dough bowl with my glass door knobs.

And the main tree. It is a mix of all the ornaments we have collected over the years both store-bought and home-made. We are just simple folk. :) Love all the 'fancy, themed trees' you see all over but for me, this is my favorite!

Here it is all lit up at night. (and after I finished wrapping gifts)

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Terry said...

I love it all, but every time I see your utility room, is so sweet and perfect! I love that room! Great job, Tina! Merry Christmas! hugs, Terry

annemarie said...

So very lovely, Tina! I am just catching up on all your back posts - you do a great job decorating. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Your home looks so beautiful. I love milk glass too! I use mine as a candy dish. :)

Mouse said...

ooooo lovely ... and I see you have caught me with the candy cane heheheh ... love your view from your sink too ... have a great Christmas and a merry new year :0 love mouse xxxx

Vickie said...

Hi Tina! Good to see you! Wow, you've been a busy girl and your home is just beautiful! With Christmas and without! You've really dont alot and it shows - I know you're proud of it. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas - I'm off to do some more reading here!

Vickie said...

PS - I love your utility room with all the shelves and baskets!!!