Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday flowers

Spent the morning (and most of the afternoon) running errands so nothing productive done around here so far today.

So, I wandered out to snap a few pics of my flowers. The hydrangeas are starting to turn a little blue but I think I'll add some more stuff to the soil and see if that makes them turn faster. They, like everything else in the yard, really need water but I'll wait until later in the day. It is so hot right now it would probably evaporate as soon as it came out of the hose!

My hosta bloom is coming right along too!

Project painting pics on Monday!

Have a great weekend!


Mouse said...

oooooo very pretty and you can tell it has a definite blue hue ... my hostas aren't as far on as yours yet... love mouse xxxxx

vintage grey said...

Such a pretty color of hydrangea!! Look forward to the painting project pics!! Have a great weekend!! xo Heather