Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dee-nied, again.

This is kinda long so I totally understand if you just want to move on to a blog that has a more positive thing to say, or a cute project to share.
So, this is what we had to work with when we moved in.
We have not modified the size or shape of the bed, but we went along the original border

We put my 'porch house' there - most;y to figure out where we wanted it. 20 days after we received a letter from the HOA stating that we had not requested permission for the large wood and glass structure on the porch. We filled out the paper work but I think they already stamped NOPE on it and were just waiting for it to come back across their desk. 

So we moved the 'offending' structure to the back yard and tried to make something out of nothing. I don't think the bed had ever been tended to at all. To fill in some blank spots until we could something planted - I used my blue bottles as a make-shift bottle bush. I took special care that they not be taller than the bushes. I also have some 'tinkling toad stools - I just love those little things but apparently doesn't and we got a letter stating that we hadn't asked permission for modification. So we printed the property modification off the website, filled it out and took pictures. They replied with a letter saying we hadn't used the correct form (it was the one from their own website. So, we used the form they sent and turned it back in - denied again. (yes. I know the lantana needs to be pruned but it is already putting pretty leaves)

Where do you stand on garden art? I love it a and think it helps add individual character that can otherwise look just like every street. I'm not talking about 'modifying' anything structural - I'm just planting a thing in my flower bed to tide over to planting season - though at the moment I'm thinking I won't be planting anything.


This is the front view when we got the latest letter.

 This is the front view today. Hey didn't mention the gazing ball, mini flag or shepherds hook so the are staying until I hear differently.(nothing hanging on them at the moment)
here is my temporary mushroom garden - I pulled those babies up and put them on the back side where you can't see them at all from the street - the only way you can see them is to standing on my front porch.
Take that, HOA.
I promise next time I post it will be something fun.
enjoy the rest of your week!


Terry said...


It is you that I matter what you post about! I have always loved your home and yard, inside and out! Your items seem sized well, and tasteful. Some people just have to pick at things..and be mean spirited. Watch out soon for a little something in the mail..:) Terry

Unknown said...

I love your mushroom garden...and all those flowers are so pretty...

Diane in the Valley said...

HOAs are such a pain! It's the cookie cutter mentality. But I love your mushrooms. Keep at it.

wranglerkate said...

HOA board members are the bane of society. I think denying homeowner requests is the only part of their lives in which they feel they can exercise power. Truly, too much. It's not like you're asking to paint your house purple . . . .

pbrenner said...

Ugh, HOA's are awful! I like your garden art, and I can't believe they didn't like the 'porch house'. So sorry you're having such a hard time with it :-(


Jan said...

HOA's drive me nuts. I don't see anything wrong with your yard. I wish the HOA would do something about the dogs that do their business in my yard.