Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the water

Okay - let me try this again. I had a whole post ready and lost it - gone, bye-bye.
So anyway, I thought I would dip my toes in the water and see if there is anyone still out there. I had no idea it had been so long since I made my last post. I also didn't know how old and chubby my feet would look in the picture - I would have deleted it except I thought my new pedicure was cute.
I know I have said before that I was thinking about coming back to blogging and I think about it a lot, I just never seem to get up here to do it. So I'll post this one and then take it a post at a time for awhile. I really do miss it. So many blogs have turned 'commercial' for lack of a better word that I don't read nearly as many as I used to. I don't mind the ones that just have ads on the sides or across the top but I hate the ones that have a box that comes up over the blog content and you have to click out of it or it will just follow you all the way down  the page. I'm not trying to get any one person in a snit about it. Everyone has the right to use their blog how they want, I'm just saying I don't always have time to read through all the ads to see what nifty thing the blog is about. Again, not picking on any one person,
While I've been working on projects inside (with the a/c on!) Hubby started power washing the house. He didn't get finished last weekend so if the weather holds out he will be back out this coming weekend trying to finish up. We will probably need to paint next year. I want white trim - what we have now is a cream color and you can hardly tell the difference in the color of the house he wants a darker yellow (really I think he would like a different color all together) No matter what we choose it has to have approval from the HOA and I'm just not up to fighting them yet. I've got something else  in mind to duke it out with them about first.
I've been working on a few projects and I hate that I can't show them right now, but they are all gifts. I will show them when I can. I do have one little finish but I don't know if I took a picture of it or not.  I will have to look and see if not, I'll take one. I also made some progress on my French Alphabet Sampler but I have a mistake somewhere and I've got to find it. I don't know what else it will mess up if I leave it in - hopefully I will be able to leave it, I really don't want to take a lot of it out. When I bought the thread I bought a little extra but it if I keep having to correct mistakes I may end up short and I would never be able to match it.
Well, that's all folks.. If there is anyone still reading, let me know and I will try to not be so long between posts - and next time I'll show some stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

It was good to see your post this afternoon, Tina! I really like the color of your toes!

Have a great weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Karen said...

Yes, it was good to see your post. Tell Jimmy to be careful!

Cath said...

Hi , still here . Hope you come back soon x

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

Hey Tina! Good to see you testing the water. Love the pedicure...I'm getting mine tomorrow but I don't think I'll do any cute designs ;)
I've been away from my blog for most of the year and have just recently started getting back into it again myself.
I'm on the same bandwagon with you about the blogs with all the advertising. Yes, I know their reasoning behind it but I find myself shying away from those blogs since I don't even read the ads and they are more of a nuisance for me.
Anyway, I hope you come back more and more often!

annemarie said...

I still here and glad to see you back - hope you are keeping cool! Love the fancy toes.

Terry said...

You know I am still here! I love the toes, but the ladder photo scares me!
I agree about the blogs..and then some click the x that covers the post and it comes back! I mean, how many times do I want to click one thing to read one line!?

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Waving to you for Bama !! Love Toe painting!

Lorilee said...

Love your toes. I am currently wearing a similar, but slightly darker blue! I know what you mean about the pop-up ads. I have not been blogging regularly either.

Terri said...

I like your pedicure! :-)

Melody said...

I'm glad you are back. I've missed you! Your pedicure is really cute, love the color. Your hubby looks fearless up on the tall ladder. Mine is not very fond of heights, and neither am I.

Michele Inman said...

Glad you're back, you've been missed.