Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have big plans for Thanksgiving? 

We will be hosting Thanksgiving here this year. It will be a small group - baby boy is in NYC and Brian and Brittany won't be here until Friday but Timothy will be here along with my dad, uncle and a couple of my nieces. Hubby and Timothy usually put up our outside lights while he is here but it will be a challenge this year since we are expecting rain.

Hubby and I  walked  a 5K a couple of weeks ago. (it was cold that day!) He hung back with me and came in at the back of the pack - not dead last but pretty close. I just don't walk that fast and I have a short stride. (even when I walk with people shorter than me!) I had been trying to put some short sprints into my walking routine but developed shin splints which slowed me down even more. We will do it again next year - maybe I won't be so slow!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Love your Thanksgiving stitch, Tina! Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving!