Friday, January 10, 2020

Can she do it?

I started this Lizzie Kate series way back in 2004 when it came out - it has taken me 16 years to finish it! LOL January is the last one of the monthly charts and I'm aiming to finish it before the end of the month! I know it looks small, but I'm a slow stitcher - plus I had to frog a bit due to not paying close enough attention to the chart. 

My goal for today is to loose this view. (from my stitching chair) I think this may be the latest my tree has ever been up. This is the last one to put away but it is also the largest and will probably take most, if not all, of the day. It's 9' tall so there is a lot of up and down on the step ladder. I still have a few things on the front porch I need to get put away today as well. We are expecting strong storms later today and tonight so I need to - don't want anything blowing away. (winds up to 60mph) The high temp today will be 75 - tomorrow it will be 40. 

That's it from here. Boring, but that's okay too!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Robin in Virginia said...

The view from your stitching chair is looking. At the moment, my view is of the bare wrought iron tree. I need to get out the winter ornaments and get them on it. You can get that January block finished! Go Tina! Enjoy your weekend!