Monday, January 11, 2021



It snowed! It doesn't happen here often and when it does it usually doesn't stick. It started around 10:30 am yesterday and was still snowing when I took this picture last night. The only way to get out front without leaving footprints on the sidewalk is to go out the garage and the driveway is steep!

It's already melting. It's supposed to get down in the 20s again tonight but it looks like the roads will be dry so everything should be open tomorrow. 

I've got all the Christmas put away but I still need to clean and put the everyday stuff back. (have to find where I stashed it all!)

Have a great day!


Jan said...

Beautiful! Snowed all day here NW of Ft. Worth, but nothing stuck. I was amazed at how much snow they had south and west of here!

Terry said...

Beautiful! Maybe a sign of hope.

Robin in Virginia said...

It is so gorgeous, Tina! I love the golden look of your home in the evening. And now I know where all my snow is!