Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sun or no sun?

There is one bloom on my hydrangea - it will likely be the only one. I was careful to only put things in the front bed (house faces east) that said they would take the sun. The hydrangea said SUN, not sun to part shade, just SUN. I'm not sure what SUN they can take, but it ain't the Texas sun that hits my front yard. They both are 'droopy' buy noon and only look like they might survive by just before dark. The one that has this bloom has mostly brown leaves now (the other one is still pretty and green - just droopy most of the day) I'm hoping it survives until tomorrow afternoon when Mr. Wonderful can move them. If you have any ideas of what I can put in place of the hydrangeas, I would be grateful for any suggestions. I plan on taking the photos of the front with me to the plant farm and seeing what they can suggest this time. (rather than just guessing on my own which didn't work to well!)
I have only managed a couple of lengths of floss each of the past couple of nights. Not enough to show any progress but I am working in my Red Thread project. I need to decide on a good travel project - the first weekend of June I'm going on a 'girls weekend' which will include stitching and shopping. It will need to be something simple as we tend to get talking and not paying a whole lot of attention to what we are stitching! Hopefully I'll get some stitching time in tonight during American Idol. (and I don't know what we are having for dinner - only that I won't be cooking it!)
Have a great day!


Kathy said...

Is your girl's weekend the one where you take over the b&b? I know how much you are looking forward to it. Have a great time stitching and stashing.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Hey - how are you? You had left a comment on my blog the other day when I'd posted about getting a doggy door after a fiasco of a trip to OKC with our chihuahua. You said that once I got that door, I'd wonder how I ever lived without it. Just wanted to let you know YOU WERE RIGHT! lol We put it in a few days ago and both dogs use it like crazy. I cannot believe we didn't get one sooner. How crazy. My husband and I just looked at each other afterwards, trying to figure out what took us so long to install one of these lifesavers!

Anyway, as to the plants. My house faces west (won't ever buy a house that does THAT again!) and in the front we have several plants that seem to do well with all that Texas sun. Roses, of course. Roses love the sun. And I have an Esperanza...it blooms pretty yellow bell-like flowers much of the summer and on into fall. It's a perennial, but is acting a little slow in coming back this year. It' getting there, just seems to be taking awhile. Crepe myrtles do great in full sun and I've heard they come in bush varieties and not just trees. Let me know what your nursery tells you. I've bought one too many things myself that just can't handle this brutal sun here. I'm interested in hearing what the professionals say to buy.


Vickie said...

Hi, Tina - I don't have any advice about your hydrangeas. I bought 5 of them myself. I put them on the EAst side of the farmhouse. They are shaded in the morning and shaded in the afternoon. They get approximately 2 hrs of overhead sun each day. They are not in the ground yet, either, and were all wilted when we went out there last night. I'm going to lose some leaves on mine, too. They perked up after watering but the damage was done. Of course, they haven't been watered since Sunday.... My neighbor has some that are in the shade all day and they are blooming just fine. They are well established. Perhaps we need to get ours planted and just water them alot wherever they are??? Vickie

Vickie said...

Me again - I love what you did with your flower beds. I love the rock edging. Aren't you glad you kept it!!! Your house is SO CUTE!
We've got SO much work yet still to be done. Especially flower beds! Vickie

Rue said...

Hi Tina :)

I have had absolutely no luck with hydrangeas and I'm in Ohio. I think they're just picky LOL

They have hedge roses that would do well there.

I hope you get to stitch soon!
rue :)

Margo said...

Yep Hydrangeas like shade. Maybe a hybiscus would look good there, not perennial though. I know shade gardening not sun gardening, but just about anything will grow in the sun.
I'm surprised it said sun on the tag.