Monday, April 27, 2009


Rue showed us the lovely views she has out her windows (and her lovely window too!) so I'm showing my views. (though I can't see it from the computer - it is behind me)

We are supposed to have some storms coming through this afternoon - looks possible. Thankfully, I have no reason to get out in it.

I have no lovely window to show. We have a sliding glass door with two plain windows on either side. One day I will show you how truly boring they are, but for now this is the tree that is in front of our building. There aren't any wonderful old houses around here - if you find something built before 1975 it would be really old - but there are a lot of trees! The rest of the apartment is just about as boring. It is beige - 'nuff said. Seems my poor blog is suffering from boredom too - I hope to still have at least a few readers when I get back to a normal life.

I do have plants coming out in the flowerbeds at home and I got a few pictures yesterday- I'll try to show those pictures tomorrow.

Well - think I'll fix me a diet DP and maybe stitch a bit while I wait on the last load of laundry to finish. I did finish stitching something last week - will get pics of that up soon. Have no idea what I am going to do with it now that I'm no longer working in a frame shop!


Brenda said...

You won't lose me! I have you on Google Reader, so I know when you post whenever it is. Soon you will have a more dramatic view. For now, enjoy living without "having to go out," as I know you are no longer going to work outside the home. Stitch your little heart out, and keep showing them to us.

Anonymous said...

I check all the time for new posts!
Yes, enjoy not going out! I am off to bed ..cause tomorrow I go out to my day with 44 Pre-K students! I wanna stitch! Terry in Arlington

Rue said...

Well, you won't lose me! I'm sporadic with my visiting, but not because I want to be. Keeping up has been too much with everything else going on, so I'm on break for a while.

off to