Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Do you have a daily routine? I can't seem to get into a regular groove since we have been living in two places. I had a pretty normal routine before - I don't know what the problem is these days but I think not having a regular routine is one (of the many) reasons I don't blog regularly anymore. I visit blogs every day when we are here in Houston, but I rarely get on the computer when we go home (there is always so much to get done while we are there) so just about the time I get caught up enough to comment on a few blogs or post to my own, we go home for a few days and I end up way behind again. Maybe when we get back to living in one place I can find a new 'normal'.

Anyway - we went home this past weekend to attend my niece's graduation. Unless it is raining, graduation is held at the football field

Thankfully the weather was pleasant! They have gone back to having the ceremony in the evenings. For awhile they had them on Saturday mornings (which meant the sun was in your face the whole time) and there have been times when it was so hot you just waited to see how many people passed out from the heat. This time it wasn't too hot and there was even a nice breeze now and then.

She is just a little excited!

Kaitlyn with both of her grandmothers.

and with her chubby aunt.
I can't believe I'm actually putting a picture of my fat self on here for everyone to see! I might not have done it, but considering how rarely I post these days, I figure at this point I can't have that many readers left.
Hope all of you that are reading had a nice weekend and thanks for stopping by!
Debbie - if you are reading, I couldn't find an email address for you but if you want the Listen Honey chart, email me your address and I will see if I can find where I put it!


Nola said...

I miss ya, but I've got you on my Google Reader, so anytime you post, I see you! I am such a creature of habit, I LOVE my routine, but now my beloved has changed shifts, so I am living in CHAOS!

Rue said...

HA! Gotcha!! LOL Now I know what my sweet friend looks like and you are beautiful! I was begining to think you were some sort of freak with an arm coming out of your head or something LOLOL

Things will get back to normal... you'll see :)


All things beautiful said...

Do keep those posts coming Tina. U may not have much needlework to show (for now) but I'm still following your blog... And I'm so happy to be able to put a face to your name.

Esther Sunday said...

You are just as lovely as I thought you would be!!!! Love! Esther

Kathy said...

NOT chubby, but a very proud aunt.