Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little glitter

Goes a long way - as in everywhere! That is what happens when you glitter at the table. Hubby sat down to eat dinner and asked why I glittered the placemats.
I dug through some boxes in the garage looking for Easter things - I don't have much but I did find a few ceramics I did a long time ago. I thought they could use a little update so I got out the glitter.

Bunnies before

and after

a basket of eggs before (didn't realize until I uploaded the pics that I took this one of the back of the basket - oh well.

and after

a half-dozen eggs before

and after.
Been painting walls - pictures soon!


Sherry said...

How cute! The glitter really adds alot. I love all the pictures in posts below of your "new" rooms! Everything looks so fresh! We need to do this too. Your valance is wonderful with the tassles.

Anonymous said...

The glitter makes them all seem completely updated, I love them! You make me want to get my Easter things is my favorite Holiday. Terry in Arlington