Sunday, June 23, 2019

A Little Behind

Since I missed showing my Easter decor, I thought I would share a just a couple of photos. My rooster dolled up for Easter.

My April, Lizzie Kate, monthly

and June

I did get May stitched but I didn't get the buttons on and now I've misplaced them. I have a few bee treasures (Mill Hill) that I can use if I don't find the buttons (or some I can use, before 2020). Not gonna worry about it until then. I have July stitched - just need to get it mounted sometime this week. Since I started with August, this finishes up that series! 

There are no stitchy stores in NYC (that I know of) but I picked up this little pin at the Empire State Building and made it into a needle minder. Another Lizzie Kate monthly - last one in that series! (except the bonus chart) Took it to NY with me but didn't get many stitches in.

I did get a couple of souvenirs 
A charm for my Pandora bracelet

And a teenie tiny shopping bag from Tiffany's!

I have another finish (need to get it framed) and some happy mail to share next time.

It's hot and humid here in Texas. It feels like walking into an oven when you walk outside but I've been trying to get a little weeding done in the mornings - need to get it done and put out some new mulch. I'm a little behind but it will get done.

Hope you are staying nice and cool wherever you are!

I hope this is not all wonky-jawed when I hit publish - it is when I preview it but it looks fine in my compose screen so I don't know how to fix it.


Robin in Virginia said...

It wasn't wonky on my computer. I really like the treasures you brought home from NYC with you. Thanks for sharing Mr. Rooster with his Easter finery. Congratulations on letting that LK series finished! The December stamp is almost finished.

Terry said...

Love it all! Great ny souvenirs!