Wednesday, June 12, 2019

NYC, Day Five

Mother's Day.
First one without my mother.

But I got to spend it with my baby boy. 
He treated us to brunch at a little place in his neighborhood.

Then we went to The Museum of the Moving Image.
(just as a side note - it was windy, rained and was in the 40s all day)

Life mask and dental plumper - Marlon Brando in The Godfather (1972)

  Is your first lunch box in there? Mine's not. I've never seen mine anywhere and I always look when I see a collection. 

 They had a special exhibit dedicated to Jim Henson

This is only a small portion of the Muppets that were on display.

After the museum we walked around the neighborhood and looked in some of the little shops before going back to our hotel to dry out.

Then we went to watch Game of Thrones with friends of Jason. 
I personally have never seen an episode and spent the time playing on my phone but I could hear them over my earbuds - they were into it!

That's then end of day five. 
Only one more day to go.

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Robin in Virginia said...

What a fun museum you went to! Why is it called the Museum of the Moving Image? And what was your first lunchbox? I haven't seen Game of Thrones either.