Friday, March 20, 2020

A Little Stitching

I hope you are all safe and well.
We are fine here. Talked to all the kiddos last night and they are all fine as well.

It's raining here and supposed to rain all weekend. I guess we will look for movies to watch. 

I've got a few stitched pieces. None of the are fully finished yet - I think I know what I want to do with them but I don't have backing fabric for any of them yet. I'm not in a hurry for them so it's all good.

Be Merry from the Christmas Collection by Hands On Design
There are two more ornaments in the chart pack. I will eventually get them stitched. I'm using 32ct Charcoal Belfast and the called for colors.  

Another Hands On Design piece - Harvest Chalk Full. Still have the small to stitch from this one. Again, need backing fabric. I want to do some more in this series but I don't know if I will do them all on black. We will see.

Secret Egg Hunt by The Trilogy. This one is an oldie (2005, I think) It came with the fabric and buttons. It was quite a feat to get the creases out of that fabric that had been folded for 15 years! I used the DMC floss colors. Sorry about the wonky angle of the photo - I was trying to get it without a shadow. 

Just hanging out here stitching.

How are you passing the time?


Robin in Virginia said...

Super finishes, Tina! I love that Harvest one with the canning jar! Glad your kids are doing well! Be well!

Terry said...

You always have smooth and gorgeous stitching! Love hem!