Thursday, September 18, 2008

A dog, a clock and a cake

What do these things have in common? Nothing, except that those are the pictures I am posting today.

A dog.
This is Autumn's favorite place to sit. (other than the chair in the living room) If anyone is in the kitchen, she is right here on the rug in front of the stove (I see the rug needs a washing!) I guess she thinks this is the best spot to watch for anything edible that hits the floor. (and she usually catches it before it hits the floor) If you are trying to cook you have to constantly make her move so you can reach the stove.
Apparently on Tuesday she thought she would have a wasp (or bee) for a snack. I left my camera at work so I couldn't get a picture of her Tuesday night. Her face was so swollen she could barely open her eyes. She looked pitiful. By the time I got home yesterday, she was back to her normal self. Since it wasn't the first time, I'm sure she didn't learn her lesson and the next time anything flies close enough for her to snap at it, she will. Goofy dog.

A clock.
This clock tower is on a corner in the middle of our little town. There is a clock on all 4 sides (but they only put the sign on the front) Several months ago the clock was removed for repair. I'm not sure how long it is supposed to be before the clock is replaced. I don't remember it having a chime, but the clock has been here way longer than I have so I will take their word for it. Every day when I am downtown I think I should take a pic to post but I always forget.

Yesterday when I was leaving work, I noticed this on one side. I assume this was a result of Ike, but I don't know that for sure. I didn't notice it Monday or Tuesday, but from where I walk across the street it isn't that noticeable. I noticed it when I drove around the block yesterday. (and when I was stopped taking the pics I was getting strange looks from the people in the other cars - obviously non-bloggers!)

And a cake.
Hubby's b'day was Monday so I baked his favorite cake - Italian Cream Cake.

Off to the doc today where I'm sure we will once again change meds in our quest to rid myself of the never-ending headache. At least I have stitch night to look forward to tonight!


Bo said...

Morning Tina...haha, your title made me laugh. I hope vandals didn't mess with that old clock... I hope your new meds take better care of you .. ;-) Bo

Nola said...

What a precious doggie; such a sweet face, makes me want to give her a big 'ole kiss.
Italian Cream is one of our favorite cakes, too.

The Durham Family said...

I don't ever remember that clock chiming! I wish I could take a bite of the Cream Cake. yummy!
I also loved the margarita frozen pie you made my Mom for her birthday!

Lorilee said...

Hi Tina,
I'm sorry to hear of your headaches. I used to have monthly migraines that none of the meds could make go away. I was finally prescribed Inderal and it has done wonders.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

What a sweet dog! I had to laugh about your comment of the people staring - obviously they don't blog - lol..

Rue said...

Auntumn is so cute :) My dogs do the same thing. Goofy, huh?

I hope they fix the clock. What a wonderful thing to make it chime again.

Happy Birthday to Hubby!!


Kathy said...

I want a piece of that yummy looking cake.

Never had a dog eat a bee. Just eat crickets and June bugs. My dog is always in the kitchen when I cook too. She is a little smaller to trip over.