Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday morning glories

I guess I am a little over-excited about the morning glories. That is why I keep showing pictures! Trust me, I've taken way more than I've shown. :) This is the first time I've planted them and I am just so happy to see them blooming!

This is actually a picture of the blooms from yesterday.

These are the blooms from today.

lots of blue butterflies

the lantana is pretty much taking over the flowerbeds! There really are nandinas planted behind the lantana. I think I'm going to have to move the lantana soon.

As you can see, we had lots of sunshine this morning but the clouds have started moving in now and there is an occasional breeze. The wind is supposed to pick up as the day wears on. We have moved everything in the yard to where it can't do (hopefully) to much damage if it gets as windy as they are telling us it is. When Rita came through we had just enough wind to knock out power (for days...) and very little rain. (which meant we had no a/c, high humidity and hot temps and not even a hint of a breeze) I hope they have been giving Gustav more credit than he deserves and we don't actually get the wind and flooding they are predicting. Just in case - I'm hoping just moving all the furniture on the front porch up against the house will be good enough. The back deck should be pretty protected since it has walls on the south and east sides. I do still need to take down the wind chimes and the window that are hanging from the deck cover. I'm thinking that may be a good job for the hubby since he can do it without having to climb up in a chair and I can't. Now I guess all we can do is wait.
I hope if you are in the path of Gustav you are safe and sound - somewhere else (and I know thousands of you are here in East Texas) and I hope the damage is minimal when you return home. Hopefully Hanna will decide to just go north and not actually hit land. (yes, I know, wishful thinking, but hey - can't hurt!)


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are pretty. I hope Gustav doesn't do any damage. I like the "butterfly" flower. Is it Cleome?

Anonymous said...

Tina, you're torturing me with those morning glories! Next year I shall make sure I plant them where tree branches aren't going to leaf out over them. The rest of them...I don't know why they didn't bloom. I haven't moved anything yet. I guess I should get out there and do so...

Nola said...

Those morning glories are making up for lost time, aren't they? Save that seed!