Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making an effort

I thought I should make an effort to have a post that wasn't all about complaining. Not that it is complaining as much as just what life is like at the moment - but anyway. I don't want to start getting suggestions that I should re-name my blog something like 'The Bitch is Back'.

So - in going through magazines yesterday I came across some that are either duplicates or some I know I will never stitch from and I thought I would give them away. I am posting 5 here - I'll have a couple of more posts later in the week with the others. I am giving these away for free - I'll even spring for the postage. All I ask is that you only ask for them if you truly think there is something you will stitch from them and not to run over to Ebay with them. :) If you get one and decide there is really nothing in it you want to stitch - please pay it forward.

They will be on a first come, first served basis. Leave a comment with which one you want and if it is still available, it will be yours. If you leave a comment but there is no email address attached so I can get back with you to get an address, I will move on to the next request. Now - having said that, I will try to get these in the mail as soon as I can, but things are a bit busy so don't get upset if it takes me awhile.

The Needleworker - Spring 1998 - taken

Stitcher's World - March 2000 - taken

The Cross Stitcher - August 2006 - taken

The Cross Stitcher - December 2006 - taken

The Cross Stitcher - October 2007 - taken
I'll post more tomorrow!


staci said...

What a great offer! I would love The Needleworker spring 1998 issue if it's still available...thank you :)

Teresa said...

This is so sweet of you! I would like the Stitcher's World.

Teresa said...

My email address is sewmanythoughts@hotmail.com

annemarie said...

I would love any of the cross stitcher magagzines you do not want - what a treat!! I would not even know how to begin to sell on ebay!! Thanks - a.haun@sbcglobal.net

Brenda Pruitt said...

It's oftentimes good to divest ourselves of things. Although it is usually hard to do. I know I will hold a book or magazine in my hand, consider it for the "toss" pile. Think again. Think, think... Tell myself I must clear out some things. Up to chance and my mood really on where it eventually goes.

Anonymous said...

I will not be trying for any ..cause I have so much stuff I can not get to now! But I think it is fun and sweet of you to give them away! You are NOT a complainer of any sort! I sit here in awe of all you are handling. We all have these rough times where everything hits at once sometimes..
I say this as I head to bed so I can get my 54 year old self up at 5:30 to teach my 44 PreK kids at an elementary school..lol. Seriously, you are doing a lot and with very little fussing! Keep us updated! :) Terry in Arlington

All things beautiful said...

Am I too late? I would really love to sew something during my next school break so is The Cross Stitcher Exclusive Holiday Designs still available? Otherwise any other would be great. My email is lohleefun@gmail.com. Thanks for your generous heart.