Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little blue

You really can't tell in this picture but this is blue paint!

Bad lighting + small room = bad picture.
Anyway - I've been painting this week - which would be why I haven't answered email or visited blogs. Who would think it would take so long? All I can say is I started in the half bath - took a whole day just to do that small room. Small room+ ladder+ fat woman who doesn't like small places, 'nuff said?

Corner of the bedroom where my conservatory lives - doesn't it look so much better with a blue background than it did with the beige?

Do you have any of these? If you can get it under the legs you can move anything with these things! Mind you, I have moved a lot of furniture in my time w/o these things - I've walked all kinds of furniture across carpet and folded towels will do the same thing on a hardwood floor but these things are like magic! (In case you don't remember it from past posts - this chest is HUGE and I can just push it where I need it with these things). Hubby did help me put the discs under the furniture and I'll probably get him to help me get them out when I finish. The smaller ones from this set came with covers so you can use them on hard floors (I used them on the tile when I was painting the entry and kitchen)

I'm not through - I still have the back wall in the bedroom to finish painting (will finish today!) then I need to put the bathroom and bedroom back together. I also need to paint the green shelf that was in the bathroom (some shade of white - depends on what I have in the garage) but I've got to get it sanded first.
More pictures, blog visits and email later!
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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Nola said...

Good grief, no, I'd swear that paint was yellow. Hope it looks blue when you get it up on the walls!