Monday, June 13, 2011

A little pink!

This post is picture heavy - you have been warned!

How did you spend your weekend? Mine was spent covered in pink paint.

This is what my office/sewing room looked like right after we moved in. (sorry for the dark photo)

I guess I don't have any pictures between then and now - if I do, I can't find them.

I didn't think to take any pictures before I started taking the room apart but I snapped one while I was taping off.

Now I have pink walls!

I haven't started loading stuff back in yet (you will see why if you stick it out to the end!) but the furniture is in place - at least for now. This is the room you see when you get to the top of the stairs.

These are the bookcases you see in that last pic. They were in the closet but I pulled them out and put the hanging racks/shelves back up. (I hate that wire stuff but it is what it is) I have plans to replace that desk with a table - eventually. The table I plan to use is in storage so I have to get it, bring it back here and paint it so it might be awhile.

This window is at the front of the house - I took this one with the blinds open so you could see my view when I'm sewing. (there won't be any of that going on for awhile!)

Closed the blinds - this is a little better pic, but still it is hard to get good pics on a sunny day. The 'sewing table' was built to fit the room in the other house. It is exactly the width that room was. Eventually I want to replace it, but I'm trying to use what I have for now.

If you keep turning to the right the closet is just past that white cabinet. I even emptied it out and painted in there. Every wall/ceiling in this house was that flat, fugly builder beige, and that includes the closets. Not that beige doesn't have it's place, but there are better shades of beige. This is almost a 'non-color' - I guess it just makes it look like no thought was given to it at all. Boring.

To the right of the closet is where my computer was - I just hated it in that corner so I moved it over and put the big bookcase there. Once I get the bookcase loaded you won't be able to see the wires under the tv (that is the only shelf it will fit on!)

And that wall leads back to the door. None of the furniture is what I 'envision' for this room, but it is all stuff we already have so I'm making do for now. I would love to have all white furniture in here - I'll get there.

If you don't have a supply of these handy-dandy doo-dads, you need to get some! Makes moving furniture soooo much easier - especially when it doesn't work the way you thought you wanted it and have to move it again! We moved the computer cabinet and file cabinet with all the stuff still in them! (if you don't have carpet, they make ones to work on hard floors too!)

That was the fun part. Now the real work begins!

All that stuff had to go somewhere! Terry - the chart you asked about should be in there somewhere! This is the next room on the list to be painted - might be awhile!

And it wouldn't all fit in one room. (I should have taken a pic of the closet in the twin bed room - it is stuffed too! This is the other guest room.

I have a little 'tote' issue! My 'plan' is to sort through everything as I put it back in. Everything got all mixed together when we put stuff in storage and I didn't sort when we moved in.

If you don't' see me for awhile, you know where I am! I will probably pop my head in from time to time to read but I'm not sure when the next post will be!

If you don't have anything to do this week. . .


Anonymous said...

I really would help! ..if I wasn't so far away! You were not kidding about the other pics! lol You have tons of cute totes, display things and goodies! Have fun (?) discovering what all is in there! Terry

Mouse said...

oooooo looking good and I thought I had a lot of stuff you beat me hands down would come and help but I don't think I could swim across in time good luck with it all and I think the furniture will be nice white :) love mouse xxxx

annemarie said...

Very nice - love the pink walls. You will probably actually enjoy sorting through all your "junk" - you will probably find things you forgot you even had! Love that big cow on the top shelf - I mad one of those many, many years ago for may daughter - the cow lover! It looks like the very same pattern.

Deb said...

I love your pink walls. You don't see many being painted that color for some reason, but I love pink!! I wish I could help you sort all your goodies out. You're probably going to discover some fun things.

Carolyn said...

GAWJUS wall color!! It really does look nice. I agree with the others. You really will have fun going through all things and find all kinds of goodies. Its funny, I can spend hours cleaning and organizing my sewing studion, but when it comes to any other room in my house...YUK. Enjoy!