Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing room

I'm not finished, but close enough that I can share pictures. (this is a long and picture heavy post!)

This is what you see when you get to the top of the stairs.The red/white tote on the floor is one is full of stuff I still haven't found a home for.

The stuff on the shelf is just stuck there for now - I told you I'm not finished.

This is looking from the door to the other corner of the room. All that stuff on the sewing table - more stuff that still needs a home. Notice anything missing? Big Bertha has gone on a little trip to the tune-up shop. The chair is wearing her cover. I'm thinking I need to make her a new cover - and I need to make a cute cover for the chair too!

The corner. Looks like the stuff is hanging way too far apart, but there is a light switch there. Sure would be nice if you could just move those things at will. :)

I took the two bookcases out of the closet, painted and put the shelves/hanging racks back. This is the only closet in the house I would dare to show you!

The empty space is for Bertha's travel case. The blue totes are full of beads - from when I was in the fob-making phase.

Quilt batting and stuffing in totes on the left. The smaller tote is full of 'decorating ideas' I have either pulled out of magazines or printed off - all still needs to be organized into binders. The cabinet has all my Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works fibers. (the basket on top is full of fibers I found here and there - pulled for projects that are finished or new purchases - that need to be put back in the boxes.

This shelf unit holds most of my cross stitch stuff. The pink and green boxes and totes on this shelf are the only new things I bought for this room. Saw them at Home Goods and they just jumped right in my buggy. Okay - on the top. The box on the left is cross stitch fabrics. The tote on the right (already owned!) - full of kitted projects. Some started, some not.

First shelf boxes on left (I still have to get out the label maker and label boxes - the orange post-its won't stay!) Top box - perle cottons, middle box - buttons and charms, bottom box - misc. fibers. The pink and green tote (already owned!) has misc. cross stitch stuff in it - q-snaps, hoops, etc.

Next shelf. The red tin has silk threads in it. The basket is EMPTY! The plastic boxes have DMC that has been wound on bobbins, metallic threads and the top is beads.

Next - misc. xs books, extra DMC in top box, Anchor in bottom box. The binders hold misc. cross stitch charts along with freebies - none of which is organized. (yet)

Tote on left of tv has small charts, the one on right has small kitted projects.

Bottom shelf. Left tote - larger charts, right tote - more kitted projects.

Whew - lotta stuff on that shelf unit! Moving on. . .

Bulletin board (which I haven't cleaned off yet) Scissor board. File cabinet that needs to be purged. The DMC cabinet needs to be cleaned out too - I really am not sure what all is in there.

On top of the computer cabinet (and no, I won't be showing the inside!) the box on the left has my framing supplies. Punch needle frame on top of the box. Another tote - has punch needle stuff in it. The sewing machine drawer sitting up there needs a new paint job. (empty at the moment)

This bookcase just has misc stuff on it. Some decorating books and magazines. Found the pink file folders at Office Depot the other day - marked down to fifty cents! Empty basket. I love having empty spaces!

This is the little dress hanging above the bookcase. It was mine. My grandmother and great-grandmother made all my clothes when I was a baby/toddler. Not sure which one made this - I'll have to ask mother.

And that brings us back to the bookcases on the wall you see when you come up the stairs. This is all sewing/quilting stuff except for the 'pretties' and two of the bins which have finishing items in them (boxes, etc). I won't go through each shelf here. (more orange post-its!) I showed you the one on the left the other day. The basket on the middle right shelf and totes on the bottom right are kitted projects.

I don't have a cutting table in here. If I'm cutting big pieces of fabric I go down to the breakfast room and I have a folding table I can put up in here if I don't need the big cutting mat. I'm hoping to replace that desk with a round table - eventually - so I won't need the folding table.

Okay - that's the tour. The rest of my house looks like tornado alley. Good thing Bertha is still on vacation and not here to tempt me to make a mess of this room!


aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Wow Tina !!! Great Room ! I love the color and you have everything in it's place so nice!

annemarie said...

I second that Wow - when you are finished you will feel to organized and inspired!

Terry said...

hmm..I left a comment but it is not here. You have done so much work, and I love seeing all the stitchery mixed in. Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terry

Mouse said...

ohhhhh wow and my dh thought i had a lot of stuff ... i want your rooommmmmmmmm :) love mouse xxxxxx

BrendaS said...

Great room. Love the totes on your bookshelf. Thanks for the very nice tour. Found some ideas to use for my room:)))

Shruti said...

I love your sewing room... I just started a new blog dedicated to sewing spaces... Would you like to be featured in it? Please email me if you're interested and we can decide on a date...

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love your craft room! I wish I could see it in person ;) I think the pink looks terrific! And, I love your curtains. Did you make them? I cannot believe you have put all your stuff back in such a short time! Can you come here and organize my basement? We have lived here 3 years, and there is still an island of boxes down there ;( Oh, and I want a Home Goods! They advertise here on tv, but there's not one around :( You'd think living so close to DC, there would be a couple. Do you have a Christmas Tree Shop? I believe they might be similiar.
Don't work too hard!
Donna in WV