Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Give me patience

Surely I will get this all figured out sooner or later. :)

There is always a random gift exchange at the get-a-ways - the object is to give things that give clues to who you are while everyone watches you open the gift. Once your gift has been opened, you get to be next. They are all just piled on a table and you pick - mostly by the wrapping.  No one is supposed to know who brought what until Saturday morning when we open them. It's always fun to see what people brought and how many things turn out to be just perfect for the person who picked a particular gift.. Some of my stuff has already been scattered all over the house and I am going to try to get it together for a picture soon.

This is one of the things I put in my gift bag - I put some other small stuff in there too but I cannot remember what and I only took a picture of the magnetic board. The minute I saw one of these decorated with ribbon I knew that is what I was going to get! (I have two of these boards myself and they are now decorated with ribbon too - I'll show them soon) The 'marbles' are magnets.

Here is one of the things I came home with - a new night shirt (told the hubby it was my new anniversary nightie) I much prefer a v neck to a crew neck and it is pink and big - what's not to like?

Okay, enough of that, I'm supposed to be cleaning up my sewing room - I think I've been side-tracked again. Oops.

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Robin in Virginia said...

Great magnetic board! Where did you find them, Tina? That is a super sentiment on your night shirt for either stitchers or quilters.

Robin in Virginia