Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Totally useless

My fingers are dry and cracked. My thumbs are raw and totally useless. I can't stitch with bandaids on them and can't touch anything without them on. Just using my phone is a challenge (typing this isn't exactly fun either)
I look like I have been holding hands with Edward Scissorhands.

 I stitched this little ornament for a gift exchange before Christmas. It is from the 2017 JCS ornament issue. I can't put my hands on it right now, (none of my Christmas stuff has been put away yet) but it was made into a little purse ornament in the magazine. I left off the top part and just mad this ornament out of it.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas at our house. 

 Ashley - baby boy's bride

 Timothy - the middle kidlet

 Brian - the oldest and his girlfriend, Brittany

 Jason - my baby boy

 and the hubby. There were only 6 Christmas crackers so I sacrificed and let the others have them. Cute aren't they /

I have only had one day that I could stitch since Christmas. Once the weather turned cold out my hands got super dry and I started getting cracks on my fingers. I used to always have this problem but it went away when we moved to Houston. They would get dry and rough but not the cracks and bleeding. Last winter we had a mild winter here and I didn't have a problem but it is making up for it this year. 

The one day I did stitch I made a boo-boo. Had to take out that over one stitching.
I'm keeping ointment and bandaids on the worst places and hand cream on the rest so hopefully I can be back to stitching soon.

I have a few more Christmas pictures I can show if I don't get any stitching in soon.

Hope your 2018 is starting out great!


C Reeder PhxAz said...

My brother has this issue too with bad cracking and bleeding when cold appears. He uses Burt’s Bees LIP BALM on his fingers. Works wonders. He was told chapstick type products heal it better than creams and lotions. Just something to try. Cheap remedy.

Anonymous said...

For my cracks , at night I put neosporin in the cracks and put a bandaid on them and
In the morning you will be amazed.
Happy New Year

Robin in Virginia said...

Your ornament turned out darling, Tina. Simply elegant! I like your current project; sorry you had to rip out the over one stuff. What fun pictures you shared of Christmas! Hope your fingers heal quickly!