Friday, July 31, 2020

Goodbye July

I have a finish!
Sorry about the crooked picture.
Long My She Wave
Redbird Designs
This was one of the Get-Away pieces from last year - I finally got it finished!
Not sure exactly what I am going to do with it from here but it may (or may not) include one or both of these fabrics. I'll let ya know whey I fully finish it.

My hibiscus got of to a slow start but it has been producing one or two blooms every day. Today it has four! We had a little rainstorm and the grass was still wet so I only took a picture from the porch side.

Something has been rooting around in my flower beds again. Whatever it is is just digging down through the mulch to the dirt - but it has been all the way around the porch across the sidewalk and into the flower bed on the other side. Grrr. At least (so far) no plants have been harmed.

I was surprised at that little rain shower this morning (actually there were two) I was getting ready to head out for a walk when it came a downpour. Not long after I took the pictures it started again - pretty hard but short lived. The sun is in and out this afternoon and it's super humid. Maybe I'll get out and walk this evening - and maybe the skeeters won't carry me away.


Terry said...

Tina! That is the most gorgeous design I have ever seen! It’s beautiful!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your hibiscus is looking lovely, Tina. I love your Texas stitch (the design and the colors used). Enjoy your weekend! Happy August!