Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cute, cute!

Isn't this little pin cushion cute? Sandra gave one to Sarah and myself at stitch night a couple of weeks ago. They were supposed to be in our Christmas bags, but she had either misplaced them or forgot about them. Either way, she came across them and thought it would be better to just give them to us rather than saving them for next Christmas (when they might be lost again!) I know the feeling - there has been more than one Christmas morning that I remembered something that should have been under the tree! We won't be having stitch night this week as Sandra has the flu. She was feeling some better yesterday but since Sarah and I would like to make it through the winter without getting the flu we will be skipping this week!
I had a small box of stash on my front porch when I got home from work. (from the Superbowl Sale) I could have ordered so much more, but I'm trying to be good. I'll try to get a stash pic up tomorrow.
Are they ever going to fix spell check on here?


Esther Sunday said...

Yes, this is just precious! Love, Esther

Kathy said...

That pin cushion is so darned cute. I love it.

Good idea to miss the flu bug. I hear it is particularly bad this year.

I guess you and I are the only ones that have had problems with spell checker on blogger. No one else has mentioned it.

Need to do a post of some Super Bowl Sale stash myself. Another chance to check spell checker.