Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heart Sewing Case

I picked up the kit to make this sewing case when we were in Houston at the quilt show. (I also picked up two other kits for boxes) I finally got fabric and thought I would try putting it together. Sure, it looks easy enough but I do better with pictures and the directions didn't have quite enough of those! Anyway - it's not perfect, but then it is just for me.




It is called Heart Sewing Case from Needleboxes, Etc. There is no website listed on the package and I haven't looked for one online (yet). I have the fabric to do the other two - just not sure when that will be. I will wait until I have finished the other two before I decide if I want to order more to make for gifts. I know where some of my mistakes are and I think I could do better if I did another (heart shaped - the others are different so I'll be starting all over!)
That's it. Time to load the dishwasher and hit my stitching chair!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Oh, that's just cute as a button! I don't see any mistakes or flaws....looks perfect to me ;)

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Tina, That is just beautiful!! You did a perfect job! I love the fabric you selected, too! Now I'll be googling the company. I knew I missed out by not heading home for the Quilt Show this year!

Kathy said...

Looks wonderful to me. You are adventuresome to do something like that. Great piece. Good luck with the others.

Jennifer said...

That is so pretty - great work! And you do know you're the ONLY one that can see any flaws in it, right?

Esther Sunday said...

It turned out adorable - of course!!! Your dog looks like mine - they know what they like! Love, Esther

Linda said...

Tina...this is darling. I love the fabric and that it's a heart shape. Looks perfect to me. Linda

Anonymous said...

That is a perfect little heart and I just love the colors you picked out. You have been busy..
:) Bren