Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another pictureless post

I hate to do posts without pictures but I have none to post. My computer (where all my pictures are stored) is in the shop. I tried to turn it on Friday morning and nothing. I used to have live-in techies that took care of computer problems for me but they are spread between three hours and twenty four hours away so . . . I called. The 'best guess' was that I need a new power supply. Since I was going away for a girls weekend I left hubby to fix it for me. Instead of attempting to fix it, he took it and dropped it off at a repair shop. Poor computer is probably so confused - it has never been in a repair shop before. Haven't heard anything yet but I'll be back with a post as soon as I get back to normal.
I'm trying to get around to read blogs with Lola (my netbook) but I'm a little behind since I was gone all weekend.
Hope you all have a great week!


Nola said...

Isn't it amazing how isolated we feel when we can't access the internet? Knock wood, it hasn't happened to me lately.

Anonymous said...

I left a message on the laundry room post, but it did not show up! Anyway, the room looks like a magazine! It is gorgeous and the lamp is the perfect touch. terry in arlington