Friday, April 30, 2010

We have light!

The lighting on the back patio is done!

We picked the fan first. There is not a great selection (within our budget anyway) of fans for non-enclosed areas and I hate fans with floppy blades. I hope these stand up to the weather. The box says it is rated for 'wet' areas or 'non-enclosed areas'. Time will tell.

Then we found this wall light to replace the 'buy 'em by the boat-load from China' builders light that was by the back door.

You can see the one recessed light on the other side of the fan - there is another on the opposite end. We have plenty of light! There are also two motion lights on the corners of the roof. The electrician tried to talk me into 4 recessed lights - glad I didn't go for it. We might have had airplanes trying to land in the back yard!
Still not completely finished but the weather was great last night - breezy and cool - so we sat outside for a bit. This morning it is humid and muggy. Yuck.
Have a great weekend!


Lorilee said...

Looking good! We have the same fan under our patio. It has held up well. No floppy blades!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I can not imagine your house without the cover already. Y'all are getting so much done! Terry in Arlington

Nola said...

How lucky, you will love the porch! Hope you are sittin' out there enjoying your morning coffee as I write this...