Friday, October 22, 2010

Day three

Yes, I still have trip pictures!

On Thursday (our last day there) we went back to Lancaster to another quilt museum. It is in a wonderful old building - I looked for a book with the history of the museum/building but didn't find one.

Anyway -

Look at that ceiling!

Closer look at the light fixture

beautiful windows

This was from the inside

and this is the same window from the outside. It looks like they have added a new front to the building.

Inside there were many quilts on display

In the vault

There were several samplers

then on to another room with more quilts

Here is a close up of the red one - can you see the date? 1889!

The work that went into each and every one is just amazing. I have lots more pictures of both the quilts and the building, but I don't want to bore you!

So - like I said, we hadn't seen all we wanted to the day before so we headed back to Bird in Hand/Intercourse (I never really knew where I was - I was just enjoying myself!)

I guess you can tell the tourist pretty quick

They are the ones standing on the sidewalks waiting for the buggies to get close enough for a picture. I'm sure the people who live there are used to them.

Children walking home from school. The little boy waved but I missed it. (took this one from the car window as we were moving!)

More buggies

Then we ate dinner here. Served 'family style'.

We had a wonderful time.
Next time we will load up, head home and look at the goodies I brought back!

Have a great weekend!

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