Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy, busy!

Well, I thought I could get everything done this week and still find time to post every day - obviously, I was wrong!

Had a great time at the retreat, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera. (also forgot my jacket and the tray I had set out for the fruit - I did remember the fruit!) I will try to show some pictures of the projects (taken with my phone - no idea how they turned out, haven't even looked yet)

I thought I would share a couple of pics of my Easter decor. I didn't do much, and I'll be honest, these pictures were already on the computer - I haven't had time to dump any photos this week! Anyway - the above picture is the little table that used to sit in the breakfast room window. I moved it to the den when I put the Easter stuff out - I quite like not having it in the breakfast room, I'm just convinced this is the right place for it. I'm still pondering that one, so it could move before you see it again!

LinkRemember the eggs I decorated for the guest rooms? This is what I did with the rest of the package. A couple of coats of paint and some glitter! Does everyone else make as big of a mess when they use glitter as I do?

Anyway - I've still got a long list for this week, then I have company coming in on Saturday so I'll be visitin' all next week. I might read a few blogs here and there when I get a chance but I'm not going to even fool myself to think I might find time to post! I'm sure I'll be seeing that 1000+ number again soon (it hasn't been below 600 in weeks!) I hate marking posts read without reading them - I'm afraid I'll miss something good!

I'll be back after Easter with a report on the retreat and maybe some visitin' photos!


Debbie said...

Your Easter decorations , looks great!

❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ said...

You too, huh? I'm playing catch-up right now...or at least trying to. :/ Since you probably won't be posting before Easter, I'll wish you the best of Easter greetings...Happy Resurrection Day!!! May Christ be glorified.