Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little relief

We are finally getting a little relief from the heat around here. We are by no means through with summer but at least it isn't 105! It was really, really windy over the weekend and there are so many fires here in Texas. Thankfully they are not near us but there are some large ones in the Houston area.

How did you spend your holiday weekend? We spent ours waiting for paint to dry. We did finally get the last guest room painted - that means all the upstairs is painted! Yeah! I'm still putting the room back together - hopefully by the end of the week I can call it done. In the mean time, here are some final pictures of the bathroom. It is finished, all the way down to fresh, clean white towels just waiting for guests! All the 'pretty stuff' is stuff I already owned. Some of it was already in the bathroom and some I moved from other rooms (or from where it was stuffed in a closet)

The picture on the left is 4 old postcards from J'ville. The smaller pic is one that was in my sewing room.

The two cross stitch pieces were hanging in here before but on the wall beside the sink. The metal 'Z' was a half-price HL find months ago but had been sitting in a closet waiting for a place to land.

And the shelves with the fresh white towels, a mulberry candle, a pink glass container (from my sewing room) with travel size soaps in case you don't want to use the shower gel that is in the shower, and a small plate (from the plate collage at the old house) with bathroom cups.

Yes, I'm digging deep for blog fodder. These slow moving projects don't make for a lot of blog content!

Hope you have a great week!


Lee said...

Such a pretty bathroom! It looks great.

Mouse said...

oooo looks lovely :) really inviting :) well done all that hard work has paid off :) love mouse xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina!
Your house is looking great! Wish I could get hubby motivated to paint :( I love the pic of the hummingbird with the fuschia! I don't remember seeing it before.
Have a nice weekend!
Donna in WV