Thursday, September 8, 2011

Staring at a blank wall

A blank, blue wall.

I've been staring at this blank wall for two days. Well, yesterday I was (re) making a dust ruffle for the day bed but every time I went in the room to measure (or whatever) that blank wall was staring back at me. I'm still undecided as to what I want to hang there. Hard to believe that even though this house is bigger than the last one, I still have stuff that I don't have a place to hang. Even when I finish this room, I'll still have a stack of stuff I won't know what to do with and after this the stairway is pretty much the only thing left blank (except over the tv and I don't want to hang anything there until I am sure of what I am going to do with the tv) Some of what I will have left are shop models from when I was working in the frame shop (stitched pieces, I would stitch them then we would use them for framing models) although I do have a few other things as well.

Anyway - that was a lot of 'typing' just to say I'm stumped with this wall!

Since I really don't have anything interesting I went looking back through pictures to see if I could find something to post. I was almost through the first folder when I came to this

This is me at 18 months, wearing the red velvet dress that is hanging in the r/w/b guest room. Was I cute or what? Time is so not kind. :(
This was my grandmother's picture and now my mother has it, along with 18 mo. pictures of my brother and sister. I had 18 mo. pictures made of my boys too and framed a set of each for myself and my grandmother. I have mine hanging in the master bedroom and the ones my grandmother had are put away for the boys. (my mother already had 18 mo. pics of my kids) Hopefully someday the boys will want them - I'm saving them just in case.

Guess I'll get back to staring at that blank wall and the pile 'o crap I have spread out trying to decide what to hang.

Sorry for the lame post. Maybe next time I'll have something interesting.

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