Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not a lot going on

Just not a lot going on around here lately.
I guess I just haven't felt like I had anything blog-worthy.
Haven't spent as much time on the computer lately - which means I should be getting lots of other stuff done, right? Not.

Lola (my netbook) has been replaced, but not with another netbook. I'll show you her (yet unnamed) replacement soon. There has been a bit of a learning curve - I'm so not tech savvy.

The dogs are barking their fool heads off. Someone taped a flyer (probably a take-out menu) to the front door and the wind must have blown it. Guess I should have pulled it off when I saw it a little while ago. I'm quite sure they would have found something else to bark at - they are good at that. (finding something to bark at) Guess I should go remove the 'stranger' from the front door so they can take a breath!

Hope you are having a great week.

1 comment:

Lorilee said...

Ha ha! Your dogs sound just like my dogs.