Friday, October 30, 2009

Hung a few pictures

I couldn't stand all the blank walls any longer so I hung a few pictures. So what if I only hung them in the bathrooms! At least I have something hanging somewhere!

These pieces were all hanging in the master bath in our other house (along with a few others) I'm still debating where and if I want to hang any more in here. Trust me, I have plenty of things to hang on the walls so it is more likely I'll run out of wall space before I run out of things to hang! (11 years working in a custom frame shop - I wonder if I actually made any money or if I spent more than I made?)
So, I have a question - how do you feel about windows in the bathroom? I'm a window person so I like lots of windows, but I have a problem with uncovered windows in the bathroom. This is the only window in the house that didn't have (faux) wood blinds. Yes, it is a frosted window but it still bothered me with nothing over it. Right outside the window is the fence that divides the neighbors yard from ours. The house next door is only one story so there is no way they could see in even if the window wasn't frosted unless they were hanging on the fence looking over. Since it bothers me and I have no idea what I want to do there, I just stuck a tension rod up and used some clips to hang a vintage sheet. I kinda like it and all it cost me was the few bucks for the tension rod. Makes me feel better anyway!
I have another question. I'm thinking of starting another blog. The little fella on one shoulder says I don't update this one often enough to warrant two but on the other hand, there just hasn't been much stitching going on around here lately so I was thinking, new house, new blog. I would keep this one and if I ever get around to actually having a stitching update of course it would get posted here. I would imagine the majority of my posts will continue to be about the house or just life in general at least for the near future and should someone stumble upon this blog expecting to see stitching they would be greatly disappointed. Would the few of you that do visit here visit another blog? Just a thought I'm throwing around in my head so I thought I would throw the question out and see what happens.


Nola said...

I am a windows person, too. More precisely, I am an OPEN windows person. My bath has a stationary frosted window; light but no ventilation; just a sheer swag around the opening. The hall bath has no window at all, bummer! I have thought about putting a small window that opens in the little closet area where the toilet is in the master bath; I could open it to get fresh air, and it would only be visible from the patio, but I would still put a curtain there, as much for color as for function. A curtain just gives you a little extra color.
I tried a second blog, dedicated just to food and recipes, but I post so infrequently, it really wasn't a good idea. It doesn't bother me what the subject is when I visit a blog; I rather liked mixed blogs; I like to hear about people's homes, gardens, hobbies, etc...

Anonymous said...

I would visit it..but to me, Texas stitcher is kind of who you are, but you do not stitch all the time. I don't check the blog just to see your stitching, but to enjoy anything you I like it mixed. I don't get to stitch all the time either..but I think of myself as a stitcher. Either way is great! Terry in A

Daffycat said...

Personally, I say...stay here. Yes, you have a life outside of stitching and there is no reason not to post that stuff on this blog too.

I love windows too! I also would have covered that frosted window...lovely curtain btw!

LoneStar said...

A bathroom is just a dark cave without a window! And I live out in the country, so coverings over my bathroom window aren't a priority for me. Except that DH prefers to have something over the bathroom window when he is in there. So...we compromised with a mini blind. DH can close it when he's in there, and I can leave it open when he's not.

Stay with one blog. Mine is half stitching and half house remodeling, too.

Lisa (Texan)

Jennifer said...

You're already ahead of us and we've been in our house over a year. The only rooms that have anything hanging on the walls are my son's room and the guest room. Oh, and DH hung up a stained glass panel in the living room, as much to protect it as anything else.

LOVE windows in a bathroom. Our master has 3 and a skylight, and our hall bath doesn't have a window, but it does have a skylight. One of the big things for me in a house was bathrooms with natural light.

Michelle said...

Hi Tina,

Love the little plates you hung on the wall.. hmmm.. now I'm gonna have to go around and see where I can hang a plate or two :)

Happy decorating, and don't worry, we know you'll be stitching sometime again but you've been kinda busy with other things.