Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Putting a little light on the subject

So, when we moved in, every light fixture in the house was what the builder had installed. The only thing that had been changed was the dining room which was pulled up with a 's' hook.

I removed the 's' hook and while it wouldn't be what I would have picked if I were shopping, this one wasn't awful so I just added some shades.


Going up the stairs we had this lovely

which we replaced with this one.

Original fixture in the master bedroom

Replaced with a ceiling fan. Yes, I know designers hate ceiling fans but this is Texas and ceiling fans are a necessity!

This lovely fixture was a favorite of the builder. It was in the game room as well as all the upstairs bedrooms, the master bath and several other places where we haven't managed to replace yet. Anywho - for the upstairs bedrooms we used the same fan in all the rooms

Simple, but much better that what was there

We put this one in the game room
And last, but not least - in the master bath

We put up this. My favorite. Still have to replace the light bar over the mirror, but we will get to that eventually.
I emptied a lot of boxes yesterday. Now I have stacks of stuff everywhere, but I'm getting a better grip on what I still have to put away. Well, at least until we start bringing in boxes from the garage. (some of this stuff has been boxed and in storage since Feb. - I don't even know what all I have anymore!) I think we still have a dozen or so boxes at the apartment that need to be brought over here. We will probably get those this weekend and finish cleaning the apartment so we can be ready to turn in the keys on the 8th.
Back to working on piles. I think I am going to hang some pictures. I know they probably won't be where they will stay, but I figure if I am going to paint anyway it won't be anything to fill a few holes to move them and I really need some stuff on the walls!


Anonymous said...

I like what you did with the chandelier.
The builders here are so cheap, a lot of my rooms didn't even have a ceiling fixture; just a wall switch to turn on a table lamp. I'm glad you're all wired to go!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Yep, in Texas we must have fans!!!!!! :) Terry in Arlington

Michelle said...

Hi Tina!

Love the new lighting .. what is it with those dang builders? Love the chandelier ~ pretty, pretty!

Thanks for stoppin' by..

BS HONEY said...

Tina, things are looking nicer, showing your hard work. My, what a difference a lighted fan, and/or some little shades make. Glad things are coming together for y'all.