Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moving day

If a picture paints a thousand words . . . then these pictures should tell it all.

Friday morning

don't you love the 'red carpet'?

eventually this will be the dining room

so many boxes you can't even see the stove

overflow - and we still have to finish getting everything from the apartment.
Now I have a question - all of you people who move on a 'regular' basis (remember I have only moved once in 30 years and that was 24 years ago - I'm pretty much a rookie) How do you decide where to put everything? Nothing is arranged like it was at the old house so nothing really makes sense!
Back in a few days - but don't expect me to be showing pictures of everything neatly tucked away! LOL


LoneStar said...

Unpacking and "homing" tips:

Clean out all cabinets, shelves, etc. in all rooms and put down new shelf paper if you use it or the storage area needs it.

If you are able to do so, sort all boxes into the rooms they will go into. For example, put all the boxes with kitchen stuff in or near the kitchen. Your goal is to move the boxes around as little as possible.

Unpack first the essentials of what you need to function. For me that was the bathroom and the kitchen. Oh, and sheets for the bed to sleep!

Get all your hanging clothes up on a rod in any closet and out of the way. You can organize them later.

As you unpack, find a home for each item as you unpack it - DON'T SET IT ASIDE IN A PILE. If the home is not ready yet (the bookcase isn't assembled yet), put the item in a box near that home.

If you've packed boxes haphazardly (kitchen items mixed in with guest room items), take the item to the room it will be used in as you unpack it. Put it in the right place ("home") if possible. If not, put it someplace out of the way, but accessible.

Have a box to put stuff in that you are not keeping. There is always something that makes you wonder, "Why did I pack this? I should have given it to Goodwill." Be ruthless. If the item won't fit into your new house or new decor, get rid of it.

As you unpack pictures, lean them up against the wall you think you will hang them on. Don't hang them until you get the furniture arranged to your liking.

Break down and flatten boxes as you go and stack them out of the way (garage). Keep a large trash bag right next to the box you are currently unpacking for packing paper. When it is full, put it in the garage with the boxes until trash day.

Don't try to do it all in one day. Think boxes instead of rooms. "I unpacked eight boxes today." Or, "I unpacked all the boxes for the walnut bookcase and arranged the books."

If you need to arrange furniture before some things can be unpacked, remove all boxes and take time to arrange everything to your liking. Do this for one room at a time.

For the kitchen, you know best how you cook. For me, I like all my baking stuff in one area. Plates, glasses, cutlery in one area of cabinets clost to the stove for serving. Potholders, large spoons, etc. near the stove. Think about how you want THIS kitchen to function.

Take your time! I usually take two to three weeks to get everything unpacked and homed. The more time and thought I take initially, the less rehoming I have to do. HTH.

Lisa (Texan)

Michelle said...

Well, I think Lisa covered it! Great tips..


Jan said...

Great tips from Lisa!!

Just take your time, I always have tried to get my kitchen and bathrooms put away and organized first, since you will be needing those areas. Just remember, you will put away things, that you wish you hadn't later, just deal and re-organize!

Your home is lovely, Tina! Not surprised at the lovely yellow siding, nope, not at all! It has Tina written all over it!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home! Have fun settling in. The uncertainty is over! Terry in Arlington

Barbara said...

Well, You certainly have received some great advice. I hope you will not try to do all this in just a couple of days, take your time so it is in the right place the first time.

Will be anxious to see the house,

Moving Boxes said...

Moving day can be so much fun as long as you prepare for it. It looks like you have everything packed neatly in boxes; that's the way to go.

Margo said...

Just put the boxes in the room where you think they should go. Place your big pieces of furniture. Then start opening boxes, slowly over the next few weeks, and decide what you want to use in the new place. Remember, some stuff just won't seem to fit, and that is a good excuse to get some new stuff, and have a whopper of a garage sale. Can't wait to see it all fixed up.

Kathy said...

I'm so excited for you. Knowing that you are getting to move into a normal house is wonderful. I know how hard it has been to be in an apartment and storage facilities.

Take you time unpacking and placing things so you don't end up moving things several times.

You don't need to answer my comments this time. Spend you time unpacking and starting to enjoy you new home.

Enjoy settling into your new home.