Monday, December 14, 2009

5 was the best I could do

As far as making a post a day went, but I do still have another tree or two to show. :)

At the top of the stairs, going into the game room - or hubby's room - is a little table where I put his 'fire station' this year. It has a little night-light in it. Not sure you can see it in this picture. In fact all these pictures are barely passable but that is what happens when you have no sunlight! It has been awhile since we have had any sun.

I used to put all the fireman decorations in the guest room and the ornaments on the big tree in the living room but this year I decided to put them in the game room.

The newest fireman ornament

on the tree with all the other fireman ornaments we have collected over the years. So hubby's little fireman tree brings the tree count to 5.
I'm almost finished with my shopping (thanks to hubby providing driver service on weekends - I do not do Houston traffic and you just can't get everything at wally world) Still have wrapping to do but I do have Jason and Ashley's package ready to send out today. I so wish they could come home for Christmas.
I will eventually have some stitching to show, but it seems the little bit I did this year was all gifts and I can't show those until they have been delivered. I do have a couple of ornaments I did earlier in the year waiting to be 'ornamented' so maybe I can get those done this week so I will have something to show.
I'm way behind on blog reading and still have some emails to answer but I'll get there.
Have a great week!

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Karen said...

Yea! I guessed 5 trees! I really thought there would be more. :) I love all your decorations.