Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Christmas goodies

The weekend before Christmas, I got together with Sandra and Sarah for dinner and gifts. The hubby and I were in town for the weekend but we had to pick up a car load of stuff from the main office to bring back so space was limited. I managed to get all my stuff from the girlfriends in one tote bag.

The tote bag was part of the gift too - I got those two pictures in backwards!

These ornaments were part of my goodie bags as well

Thought I would show them to you before I start putting the holiday decor away. I think I'm going to start on that tomorrow.
Hope you are having a nice week. It is cold here and I'm staying inside - that's why I thought tomorrow would be a good day to start on de-decorating. Undecorating? Putting holiday stuff away!

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Unknown said...

Oh it sounds like such a fun time with your friends! I love your gifts! I cannot wait to take my Christmas decor down, lol! I am doing it this weekend.
Happy New Year sweetie!